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New Book: The Wellness Asset

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The Wellness Asset is the new book from global wellness expert and Spa Balance founder, Sonal Uberoi.

With the hospitality industry struggling after one of the worst years ever, and bookings only picking up very slowly, Sonal Uberoi looks at how hotels can leverage their wellness assets to rebuild their business in the new normal.

The old business model is broken and forward-thinking hoteliers know this. They also know they need to find new ways to attract a different group of customers if they are to thrive, not just survive.

The Wellness Asset is a practical book, full of essential information for any hotel owner.

Uberoi shows how wellness, often considered an amenity, rather than an asset, can be the pivot your business needs to enable you to generate significant profit – across the entire hotel.

Sonal Uberoi has transformed many leading hotels by helping them leverage their wellness assets. In this book, she shares her ‘ESSENCE’ model, which takes you from assessing potential ideas to implementing and honing your offering to give your guests an experience so good they will do your marketing for you – in months, not years.

The Wellness Asset will shift your mindset and help you unlock your hotel’s potential.

‘If you’re ready to build an offering so strong that your guests regularly return and profits stay healthy no matter what, you’re ready to capitalise on your wellness asset,’ says Uberoi.

The Wellness Asset is available from Amazon, direct from Spa Balance, and in all good bookshops.

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