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Book Reviews for ‘Sociology of Health and Illness’

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The journal Sociology of Health and Illness (SHI) is seeking reviews of 22 new books dealing with various topics relevant to medical sociology.

Book reviews should be approximately 800 words and are expected to be submitted within 8–10 weeks of reviewers receiving the book.  We have the following books available for review:

  1. Care in Healthcare: Reflections on Theory and Practice (edited by Franziska Krause and Joachim Boldt, 2018)
  2. Death and Dying in India: Ageing and End-of-Life Care of the Elderly (Suhita Chopra Chatterjee and Jaydeep Sengupta, 2017)
  3. Digital Health: Critical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (Deborah Lupton, 2018)
  4. Fertility, Conjecture, Difference: Anthropological Approaches to the Heterogeneity of Modern Fertility Declines (edited by Phillip Kreager and Astrid Bochow, 2017)
  5. Healthy Volunteers in Commercial Drug Trials: When Human Beings Become Guinea Pigs (Shadreck Mwale, 2017)
  6. Living Before Dying: Imagining and Remembering Home (Janette Davis, 2017)
  7. One Blue Child: Asthma, Responsibility, and the Politics of Global Health (Susanna Trnka, 2017)
  8. Pain (Elaine Denny, 2018)
  9. Paramedics On and Off the Streets: Emergency Medical Services in the Age of Technological Governance (Michael K. Corman, 2017)
  10. Personalised Medicine: Empowered Citizens in the 21st Century? (Barbara Prainsack, 2017)
  11. Quantified Lives and Vital Data: Exploring Health and Technology Through Personal Medical Devices (edited by Rebecca Lynch and Conor Farrington, 2018)
  12. Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality: Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users (Lynn Tang, 2017)
  13. Selective Reproduction in the 21st Century (edited by Ayo Wahlberg and Tine M. Gammeltoft, 2018)
  14. Social Determinants of Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Inequality and Wellbeing (edited by Adrian Bonner, 2018)
  15. Stem Cell Tourism and the Political Economy of Hope (Alan Petersen et al., 2017)
  16. Subprime Health: Debt and Race in US Medicine (edited by Nadine Ehlers and Leslie R. Hinkson, 2017)
  17. The Anthropology of the Foetus: Biology, Culture, and Society (edited by Sallie Han, Tracy K. Betsinger, and Amy B. Scott, 2018)
  18. The Gay Science: Intimate Experiments with the Problem of HIV (Kane Race, 2018)
  19. The Look of a Woman: Facial Feminisation Surgery and the Aims of Trans-Medicine (Eric Plemons, 2017)
  20. The Medicalisation of Incest and Abuse: Biomedical and Indigenous Perceptions in Rural Bolivia (Carolina Borda-Niño-Wildman, 2018)
  21. The Patient Multiple: An Ethnography of Healthcare and Decision-Making in Bhutan (Jonathan Taee, 2017)
  22. The Zero Trimester: Pre-Pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk (Miranda A. Waggoner, 2017)

If you would like to review one of these books for SHI, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. It would also help us greatly if you were to provide a sentence or two on your current academic status, so we can ensure that we offer opportunities to people across the career range and from a variety of disciplines associated with medical sociology.

Gareth Thomas and Rebecca Dimond
Book Review Editors
Sociology of Health and Illness

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