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Everything You Need to Know About Body Sculpting

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Among all the different procedures that appear in the beauty industry, body sculpting becomes more and more popular in 2020, and that’s not surprising at all. An effective and non-surgical treatment, like mesotherapy, ult-therapy, or laser therapy that helps to get rid of the fat, which doesn’t reduce by workouts and diets. Who wouldn’t like it?

What is body contouring without surgery, and how much does it cost?

To begin with, let’s clear out what body contouring (or body sculpting) is. It is a list of various non-surgical procedures aimed to reduce the amount of fat on your body. Usually, used when planned diets and workouts are not enough to pursue the desired shape. Those procedures include cryolipolysis, injections lipolysis, mesotherapy, laser lipolysis, ultrasound procedures, etc. As you can see, options are endless, depending on whether you want to use freeze or heat treatment, are you comfortable with injections or not, what is your purpose of using body sculpting. To figure that out, you should consult with the doctor first and then decide which procedure suits you the most.

The average price varies between $1500–$4000. It depends on the treated body part, injection or procedure you’ve chosen, the clinic where you’re going, etc. Try to search for detailed information in your city.

Does body sculpting work?

First of all, keep in mind that body contouring is not the solution if you want to weigh less. It is a helper in the ongoing process that reaches the hidden fat pockets in your body and contributes to their reduction.

For everybody, the sculpting procedure demands different time limits to make the result visible. It depends on the treated body part, products for body sculpting doctor use, level of fat deposits, etc. For example, mesotherapy needs two-four sessions to see the result, injection lipolysis shows its effect in six-eight weeks, and coolsculpting procedures’ first results are visible after two-three weeks. In general, it takes from twelve to sixteen weeks and up to five sessions to see the end result, both for injections and non-injectable treatments.

Body contouring has a different effect on each person, so don’t worry if the result is not visible right away. Consult with a specialist; maybe you just have to wait or have one more injections session.

What are the side effects of body sculpting, and is it painful?

If we are talking about insertive treatments, like injection lipolysis or mesotherapy, the pain there is minimal. You feel the needle sliding in your skin; it feels like a little pinch. It is possible to ask about anaesthetic to avoid this minimum discomfort.

Speaking about non-insertive procedures, for example, coolsculpting ones, you may feel discomfort when the skin is sucked by device and fat cells there are getting frozen. But again, it’s not a pain, it’s just a slight inconvenience.

Afterwards, you may sustain inflammation, aching, redness, increased sensitivity, and bruising in the areas injections were used. Consult with your doctor for an analgesic prescription if you need one.


If you can’t achieve desirable weight and want to be in the best shape, body contouring is a great solution. Use the advantage of those new treatments, don’t be afraid of injections and unknown machines. Read more about this subject and go-ahead to the new possibilities for your appearance.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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