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The Electric Current of Body Reconnection Programme – For MS and Other Neuro Disorders

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I am going outside to connect to the Earth with my bare feet, with great appreciation for the connection my body has to the earth. I intend to reconnect all the disconnections and blocks, known and unknown, that stand between my own body and the earth. I am accepting and open to receiving all healing that is waiting for me in this moment ahead. 

Walking on the grass

If I choose to walk in the grass all my attention is upon the touch of each step to the earth on the soles of my feet. 

    • Feeling all the sensations of the grass as it makes contact with each footstep. 
    • Acknowledge the balance in each step as you alternate from left to right foot. The involuntary precision that your body has exhibited your whole life without your need for input or recognition, until now. 
    • Acknowledge the balance in place between the gravitational field which keeps you on Earth and the electromagnetic field permeating from Earth that keeps you upright and able to stand without being forcefully held to the ground by gravity.
    • Continue to take intention in your awareness each step of the way as you continue on.  

I find it highly productive to perceive my steps as if they are pedals, which each step is then pumping up the electric charge my body needs. 

Sitting, lying, or rolling on the grass

If I choose to sit or even lay on my grass, I bring my full attention to the feelings that arise within me while giving full appreciation to the simplicity of this practice. All parts of the body that touch the Earth – I bring my attention into focus to feel the sensation of the touch while giving conscious awareness to that place on my body which is in contact. Then I am focused on the reconnection which is occurring – whether I can define the feeling or not, I am physically reconnecting and that alone is a fact of reconnecting on some level. 

Closing out with gratitude and love

I intentionally take a moment to thank the Earth for its life-giving energies and resources that have enabled my life. I always take a moment to take in the beauty around me in the trees, plants, houses, birds chirping, or whatever may make up my environment, and fill my thoughts with gratitude for the little things which make each day’s moment so vibrant with beauty. Especially after living a life filled with a busy schedule, lots of hard work, and focus upon responsibilities, I find great peace in being able to take a moment to notice the things that had always been right in front of me, or just barely missed while my attention was on the next step, rather than this step. The only step is this step. And now I am here taking this step fully.

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.


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