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How to Blend Between Lines on a Paint by Number Canvas

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Have you just bought your new paint by numbers kit, and you are thrilled to try out how it turns out? Great! But before that, there are a few tips and tricks regarding custom paint by numbers that might come in handy for you. 

The tips and tricks column can go vast as there are too many, but the best suggestion that I can give you to achieve a professional look on your paint by numbers custom canvas is to blur out. 

The art of blurring: why do it? 

It’s not simple to learn how to blur, but ill teach you that later. Before that, you might be thinking, what are we talking about when it comes to blurring outright? No worries, let me guide you. 

When I talk about blurring out on a paint by number canvas, I mean blurring out between the sharp line edges. 

You must know that you will end up with a painting with sharp lines like some sort of diagonal abstract painting if you paint by number line to line. That wouldn’t look too appealing now, right? 

The best solution to avoid this is to blur between the lines to make sure that you connect two different paint between the sharp edges to avoid a blocky-looking painting. 

Blurring will give you a natural look, but not many people know how to do it. Not to worry, you won’t be one of those people because I will teach you. 

How to blur? 

There are plenty of ways to blur a painting to create a natural and realistic effect, but I will teach you the best easiest ways amongst them all. 

  • The brush blurring. The easiest and less hectic way that require some skill is ordinary brush blurring but hold on, for this process, you will need a specific type of brush in hand.
  • A brush with soft bristles. This is because stiff brushes leave markings behind. You need to blur part by part and not when the painting is dry; when you don’t with two small blocks, take your brush and merge the two paints on the line with slow and light movements. Make sure not to take them into each other and mix them thoroughly; you need to merge them, not create a weird alien new colour.
  • The sponge blurring. One of the other blurring techniques is simply using a sponge, a little damp one, not wet, and then dabbing it very lightly on the line to merge two colours. Keep in mind that both of these blurring techniques have their effect; try them out in swatches to see what works for your sort of painting. 

Final thoughts

Whether it is sponge blurring or brush blurring, you have to accept that for both; you need a high-quality canvas that can take that sort of work and a good quality set of paints. 

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