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Black Is Beautiful: The Role of Technology and Virtual Reality in Shifting Perspectives on Black Skin

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Black is beautiful. This phrase has been uttered by black people and those who appreciate blackness for decades in an effort to affirm the intrinsic value of blackness. However, this phrase took on a new meaning in the 21st century as black skin arguably became more desirable than any other skin colour. 

There is something about black skin that has always been seen as beautiful. Perhaps it is the deep richness of the colour, or maybe it is the way black skin shines in the light. Whatever the reason may be, black skin is seen as a sign of beauty and desirability. With the rise of technology and virtual reality, this view is even more pronounced. So, why is black beauty considered so beautiful? And how did this happen?

Look at the past

This wasn’t always the case. It’s no secret that black skin has been traditionally seen as less desirable than other skin colours. In Western society, black people have long been considered to be inferior to white people. This is a legacy of slavery and racism that has perpetuated throughout the years. But there are signs that this is changing.

In recent years, we’ve seen an enormous appreciation for black skin in the media and pop culture. Celebrities and everyday people alike are embracing their blackness and celebrating it. This is a huge shift from the way black people have been treated in the past.

Thanks to technology

Technology and virtual reality, especially ebony VR xxx, are playing a big role in this change. By allowing people to see black skin in a new light, they are helping to change the way we think about black beauty. VR technology is giving us a new way to see the world and it is opening our eyes to the beauty of black skin. As we continue to embrace black skin, we are sure to see even more positive changes in the way we think about race and beauty. 

Black presence in video games

Are black people seen as beautiful in video games?  This is a question that has been asked before, but it’s worth exploring in more depth. With the rise of black characters in the wider media, as well as the increasing popularity of black cosplayers, it’s clear that black people are becoming more visible in popular culture. 

And while black people have always been present in virtual reality, they have often been relegated to background characters or NPCs. However, there are signs that this is changing and many commentators believe we are undergoing a huge shift in the presence of black people in gaming and VR. 

Will colour matter in the future? 

The idea of the ‘perfect’ skin tone has been a goal for many people across cultures and ethnicities. From fair to dark, light or dark complexion, everyone seeks that which they believe will make them beautiful with natural beauty. But technology will impact on this. Who knows, maybe future technology will make it possible for skin colors to change? Just as society has progressed to the point where many factors no longer matter, we can expect the world to see skin color in much the same way. And one thing’s for sure, the onward march of technology will be one of the main elements underpinning this shift throughout the world. 

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Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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