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A Birthday to Remember – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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Last year, Saint Francis Hospice celebrated 35 years with two volunteer thank-you events. 

During the summer, volunteers gathered at our Hospice for an afternoon cream tea. In autumn, we swapped tea and cream cakes for beer and a buffet to lay on a less-reserved affair. This year’s celebrations are just as significant, albeit a little more muted.

‘Who would have believed in 2019, when we celebrated our 35th birthday that our 36th would be completely different?’ said our CEO, Pam Court. 

‘It would’ve been difficult to imagine that we’d be celebrating without all being together. It’s testament to the typical determination of each person involved with our Hospice that we are here today, to give thanks and celebrate another milestone.’

We’d like to acknowledge our staff, volunteers, and supporters who have been marvellous in their response to the pandemic. Thanks to your help, we’ve continued to care through the crisis. Our Hospice has supported over 1000 people since the lockdown began. Eighty-five per cent of that care has been in people’s homes.

Our doctors and nurses have shown resilience by adopting different methods and working longer hours, all while donning extra personal protective equipment in the heat. They’ve also had the added worry of bringing the coronavirus back to their families. Our gratitude goes to all of them.

Some of our team are on furlough; many of our elder volunteers are self-isolating. They’ve promised us that they’ll be back, and we can’t wait to see them again. 

None of this would have been possible without our supporters – just like you – reading this today. You’ve all been tremendous in finding new ways to raise money for our Hospice, digitally and virtually. Thank you.

Besides continuing our services, another priority has been to keep our patients and their families safe. Thanks to everyone working tirelessly to halt the spread of COVID-19, our Hospice has remained the haven it’s always been, and long may that continue. Thank you to everyone who has visited our Hospice during the pandemic for being so understanding.

The decision to allow visitors to our ward amid the pandemic was undoubtedly one of the hardest we’ve ever had to make. Yet, it’s a credit to everyone that people are still safely welcomed at our Hospice, to cherish precious moments with their loved ones.

‘We’re looking forward to happier times ahead,’ Pam revealed. ‘The world has changed, maybe forever, but we’re determined to make sure this birthday is one to remember, much like our previous 35. Here’s to the next year of outstanding care and beyond.’

You can share the birthday feeling by doing your bit to secure the future of Saint Francis Hospice. Regular donations bring the love and care of your local Hospice to everyone in our neighbourhood who needs it.

You can make a single or regular contribution by clicking here.

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