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Call for Papers: Narrating Birth, Ageing and Death


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Sponsored by the Institute for Medical Humanities at Peking University (15-16 November 2018)

Over the past century, advances in biomedicine and the rise of secularism have profoundly changed the ways that we practise, experience, narrate, and theorise birth, ageing and death. In response to global health challenges brought about by rapid demographic shifts – overpopulation, environmental sustainability, and healthcare expenditure – this conference aims to explore narratives, myths, and other cultural representations of birth, ageing and death from a wide range of critical, ethical, and aesthetic perspectives to inform the development of healthcare services, economics, and policy.

Keynote speakers 

  • Rita Charon, Professor of Medicine and Executive Director of the Programme in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University
  • Brandy Schillace, Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Medical Humanities
  • Ma Xiaowei, Director of the National Health Committee
  • Zhang Yanling, President of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association
  • Zhan Qimin, Director of Medicine and Vice President of Peking University

We welcome submissions from scholars, early-career researchers, and graduate students from a range of fields including health and medical humanities, medical anthropology, medical sociology, medical history, philosophy of medicine, medical ethics, literature, and linguistics.

Paper topics 

  • Ageing and memory
  • Burial practices among ethnic minorities
  • Death education
  • Death and stigma
  • Dying with dignity
  • Elderly care and Confucian bioethics
  • Elegies and obituaries
  • Gender and childbirth
  • Gender, culture, and healthy ageing in different cultures
  • Hospice care
  • Indigenous death rituals
  • Last rites
  • Medicalisation of birth, ageing and/or death
  • Myths of birth, ageing, and/or death
  • Narrative medicine and birth, ageing, and/or death
  • Palliative care in multicultural contexts
  • Physical and mental health care in ageing societies
  • Portrayals of birth, ageing, and/or death in film
  • Post-mortem photography
  • Post-partum confinement in China, Japan, Korea and other cultures
  • Symbols and metaphors of birth, ageing, and/or death in poetry, literature, life writing, science fiction, and comics
  • Traditional palliative care practises past and present

Note: Include a title, name, institutional affiliation, a short bio (100 words), email address, and a 300-word proposal.

Further details

  • Conference languages are Chinese, English and Japanese.
  • Deadline for submission: 31 July 2018 in .docx format to: pkumedhum2018@163.com
  • Please use the format of ‘abstract + the title of your paper’ as the subject.
  • Selected submissions will be announced on 01 July 2018.
  • Conference registration fee: 1,000 RMB.
    Website: http://imh.bjmu.edu.cn/tzgg/195944.htm

For any enquiries regarding the programme please contact: pkumedhum2018@163.com

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