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Birmingham Is the Best City for DIY’ers

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SGS Engineering, a leading UK manufacturer of gas struts and a renowned tool retailer, has recently unveiled an extensive survey detailing the current landscape of DIY skills throughout the UK.

In collaboration with Censuswide, the survey polled 2,000 Brits from key cities to assess their self-rated DIY knowledge and skills. The findings reveal a noticeable disparity in DIY capabilities across the country.

Birmingham and Brighton lead in DIY confidence

The survey places Birmingham at the forefront, with 50% of its residents confident in their DIY abilities. Close behind is Brighton, where 47% of the populace believes in their DIY expertise.

Top 5 most confident UK cities in DIY

  1. Birmingham – 50%
  2. Brighton – 47%
  3. Leeds – 46%
  4. London – 41%
  5. Belfast/Newcastle – 39%

Conversely, Liverpool and Edinburgh residents exhibit the least confidence in DIY, with just over a quarter (26%) feeling proficient.

Top 5 least confident UK cities in DIY

  1. Liverpool/Edinburgh – 26%
  2. Bristol – 24%
  3. Glasgow – 22%
  4. Sheffield – 21%
  5. Manchester/Nottingham – 20%

Gender and age differences in DIY skills

The survey uncovers a significant gender gap in DIY experience, with half of the men claiming either “high” or “some” level of experience compared to just 27% of women. Notably, 24% of Brits admit having no DIY experience, with women (23%) more likely than men (9%) to report a complete lack of experience.

Young adults aged 18–24 show the greatest confidence, with 50% claiming some level of experience. This confidence starkly contrasts with the older generation (55 and above), where only 28% consider themselves experienced in DIY.

Younger generations keener on major DIY projects

The survey also highlights the eagerness of the 18–25 and 25–34 age groups to undertake substantial DIY projects, with 50% readiness in both groups. However, confidence markedly decreases in those aged 55 and above, dropping to just 7%.

Public perception of skilled DIY professionals

Over half of Brits (56%) perceive a shortage of skilled DIY professionals, reflecting a public concern over the availability of expert assistance in DIY tasks.

DIY tasks Brits feel confident undertaking

  1. Replacing a bulb/light fixture – 50.05%
  2. Hanging pictures/mirrors/shelves – 46.30%
  3. Painting or patching walls – 46.05%
  4. Changing a fuse – 41.55%
  5. Assembling flat-pack furniture – 40.85%
  6. Gardening and landscaping – 36.45%
  7. Installing blinds/curtains – 29.90%
  8. Replacing doorknobs/locks – 29.40%
  9. Installing detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide) – 23.55%
  10. Basic plumbing (e.g., unclogging drains, fixing leaks) – 23.50%

Reasons for avoiding DIY tasks

  1. Lack of skills – 31.85%
  2. Fear of causing damage – 23.40%
  3. Lack of confidence – 22.50%
  4. Lack of tools/equipment – 18.70%
  5. Complexity of tasks – 17.45%

Sam Williams, a DIY expert at SGS Engineering, reflects on the survey’s implications: “At SGS Engineering, we understand the importance and impact that DIY skills have on an individual’s confidence and the overall well-being of our communities. The results of this survey highlight the need to foster DIY proficiency across the UK. It’s alarming to note the significant percentage of Brits who feel they lack the necessary skills to tackle DIY projects.

“As a longstanding supporter of DIY enthusiasts, we are committed to playing our part in addressing this issue. We will continue to provide top-quality tools, resources, and expert guidance to empower individuals, regardless of gender or age, to take on DIY projects with confidence.”

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