Biggins Saves Christmas as He Accepts the Role of Santa for Variety, The Children’s Charity

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Variety, the Children’s Charity, has inducted the legendary Christopher Biggins in the role of Santa Claus to spread the word about their work and create a better Christmas for some of the UK’s most disadvantaged children.

Stepping into his Santa suit last night at The Ritz Hotel in London, Christopher Biggins launched this very special appeal where people can choose how much they would like to donate to make a difference to a child’s life this Christmas. 

Many of the ‘Variety children’ have illnesses and disabilities which means they have to be shielded and have been unable to partake in the life-enhancing events and ‘Great Days Out’ that Variety usually provides.  And now, with charities desperately struggling for funds, this initiative is more pressing than ever to create a better Christmas and future.

In his role as Santa Claus, Biggins says: ‘It’s been a very tough year for children and families in the UK. Did you know nearly four million children are living in poverty? Variety exists to improve the lives of these children and I want to make sure the charity can carry on doing their amazing work.  With your help, I am sure that we will be able to make this Christmas and many more, even more magical.’

How to donate

To help Santa Claus and Variety support some of the UK’s most vulnerable families, text ‘SANTACLAUS’ to 70085 , followed by the amount you would like to donate.

Santa has been a big part of Variety Christmas for over 72 years, so this year it is particularly fitting that he has such a vital role in spreading the word.

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