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Biggest Health Risks in Construction Industry

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The construction industry and health risks go hand in hand. Unfortunately, people linked with this industry become the target of certain injuries and illnesses. The saddest part is that some workers have even hit the death bulls’ eyes, and that is actually so much frightening to imagine. The recent stats have drawn an alarming and highly terrifying picture in which it has been proved that a heavy chunk of construction workers have suffered bad health.

Responsible construction business units make sure to prevent these health and safety risks on a much possible note. 21st-century estimating companies have been devising plans for ensuring the supreme physical health of their workers. Below you can check out the details which those biggest health and safety risks are that make the construction industry not so attractive to work:

The risk of getting an electric shock

How frightening will it be for the construction worker to get an electric shock while he is at the job site! In the past, many workers had been electrocuted, which makes them vulnerable to having multiple numbers of injuries. Suppose the worker is assigned the task to correct the procedural failure present in the 11kV overhead power line. However, he ends up getting an electric shock due to improper control measures and no safety measures.

The danger of being infected by Air-borne toxins and acquiring a lung disease

Lung disease and construction workers- their connection has become inseparable nowadays. Do you know that many workers have reported lung diseases because air-borne toxins were infecting them? Yes, it is true! Some have complained about breathing problems. The companies need to endorse the proper use of PPE so that potential lung damage can be prevented within the construction environment. 

The worker might get killed because of the Unintended collapsing accident

In recent years, workers serving in the construction niche have lost their lives because of the unintended collapsing accident. People who work around excavations are generally at high risk. Moreover, individuals working on heights are comparatively more vulnerable and at jeopardy of losing their lives.

The threat of having a hand and vibration syndrome

HAVS (hand, and vibration syndrome) occurs commonly among construction workers. The continuous use of handheld power tools raises this problem.  The minute the person develops HAVS, the impairment becomes permanent. Companies should regularly inspect their workers’ health conditions. Check whether their fingers are getting numb. If this issue is left untreated, the respective worker will fail to grasp anything in his hands for the rest of his life.

How to prevent these safety and health risks?

Every day, you might have heard a plethora of advice claiming to ensure construction site safety. There are a few of the tips that we like to share with you, have a look at the below-written details:

Make sure to carry out the pre-work site surveys each day. Look for the potential risks and correct them before any construction work starts to work over there. Immediately take pre-emptive action the minute you spot that the job site is unsafe and secure to be worked on!

Regularly commence safety meetings and develop stricter guidelines for preventing health risks. Inform and make your workers aware of these safety guidelines. 

Keep on reviewing the safety measures. Constantly remind the workers about the safety procedures and tool kits they have to use. In addition, make PPE compulsory. Make it mandatory for the workers to wear proper clothing, reflective vests, safety equipment, hard hats, eye protection device, and ear protection as long as they are at the job site.

Try giving your workers regular breaks and encouraging them to talk freely about the job site safety measures. Ask them what measures they want to add and subtract. Enquire from them in a friendly manner if they face issues like absentmindedness and exhaustion.


Thus, these are the possible health and safety risks targeting construction workers. If companies act responsibly and take care of their employees, these issues can be tackled. If you belong to the same industry, you can share with us what risks you generally face and how you and your company make efforts to prevent them! Stay tuned to have more updates.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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