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Bhavna Khemlani’s empowering journey entails being a university lecturer; poet; author; corporate trainer; academic and creative writing coach; researcher; Reiki master teacher; and being an existential well-being counseling, NLP, and mindfulness practitioner.

Bhavna is also the co-leader of Bangkok Women Writers Group (BWWG) and the co-founder of 360 Degrees Mind.Body.Spirit workshops. In honour of BWWG 20 years celebration, Rhythm of missing pieces Anthology was published in 2021 by I-Fah Publishing.

She also publish her work in Research Journal 2020, entitled The impact of Reiki treatments (Hands-on energetic healing) and existential well-being counseling in reducing stress and improving the well-being and quality of life of young people.

One of her research projects, ‘Transitions in the healthcare systems in times of uncertainty exploring views by experts through mindfulness and emotional intelligence published 2018 received an International Award by the World Research Council (Research Ratna Awards 2019) for the outstanding contribution in the field of research

Bhavna’s fiction novels include: The Wagging Tale of Bliss-Reconnecting, The Classroom – Ashley & Her Mystical Tale, Maples – Rejuvenating Cocktail, among others. She is the author and editor of the anthology Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines, which is a collection of 33 non-fiction stories from writers across the globe.

You can keep in touch with Bhavna through her website and on Facebook.





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