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Beth Tyson is a psychotherapist, parenting coach, children’s author, and public speaker. As a master’s graduate in counselling psychology, Beth draws on her experience as a psychotherapist in the child welfare system to write articles and books that help children cope with their emotions. 

Her tender-hearted children’s book, A Grandfamily for Sullivan, is about a scared, but brave koala who goes to live with his grandma when his parents are unable to keep him safe. She created the book to help children separated from their parents express and process their emotions when their whole world turns upside down. Sullivan’s story guides children through to the other side of uncertainty, trauma and loss by addressing big feelings head on. 

Beth is a dedicated child welfare advocate and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Delaware County, PA. She legally represents the best interest of two young children in the foster care system. Beth is a teaching assistant at the graduate level in the Counselling Psychology Department at Eastern University, and also is a public speaker on mental health issues. 

When she’s not on her soap box, you can find her keeping a historical record of the adorable and hilarious moments of her four-year-old daughter’s life. 




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