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Best and Worst Casino Games

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Gambling money at casinos can be quite addicting but it can be equally disastrous for your earnings. Playing games at casinos is very exciting and the prospect of earning huge sums after winning a game increases the charm of gambling. However, it can not be denied that there are many casino games and each of them has certain odds of winning and losing.

Due to the risk factor involved in playing casino games, regular gamblers must have an in-depth knowledge of which games to play and which ones to avoid. There is no certain way to win any game in a casino, but people can choose to play games where the chances of losing money are lesser. So here are certain games you can play in a casino, and some casino games that you should avoid.

How to play games in casinos

Nowadays it has become very common for people to play casino games online as well. However, if you were to play in a casino, be it online or offline you need to have an understanding of all the games there. Firstly, you must book slots for an online casino game so that you can access the gaming pool. For example, there are multiple websites that can help you with getting online slots Ireland.

If you choose to go for an offline casino game, it is better to have a proper understanding of how casinos work. Additionally, you must not approach games that you are not aware of as there are higher chances for you to lose money in such games. Try to pretend that you know what you are doing and play games that you know how to play.

Casino games with best odds

Most table games that are played at casinos have better odds of winning in comparison to slot machines. So if you are interested in playing games at casinos you should try to learn games like blackjack and craps. It might not be very well-known but most table games cost lesser in comparison to slot machines even if you lose the game.

For example, the chances of winning a Blackjack game are somewhere around 49 percent, and the rules to play the game are also quite simple. Craps have a similar probability of winning, as it is more or less a betting pool for certain card draws. Another betting pool game that is quite easy to win is Baccarat. The similarity between all these games is the amount of betting money, and how much you can spend on each game. There is usually a certain minimum limit that people have to adhere to, but table games are comparatively easier to win.

Roulette is also an exceptional casino game that is heavily popular and safe for your wallet. We are not saying that table games in casinos are good for your wallet, but they are safer as you are more conscious of how much you are spending and winning. Now that the games with the best odds are covered, let’s see which games you must avoid at a casino.

Casino games you should avoid

As mentioned above, slot machines should be avoided at all costs at casinos. These machines are meant to lure players in with their flashiness. It is also fun for people as slot machines usually cost very less to play a game, and people keep on trying to get some sort of prize. These machines are rigged in most casinos and almost no one gets much from these machines.

The Wheel of Fortune is another game that must be avoided. The Wheel of Fortune is also referred to as the Big Six or the Money Wheel. All you have to do to play is to place bets on certain symbols and numbers and you win money if the wheel lands on that symbol or number. It can be said that the probability is very low for you to earn significant money, and you might lose money faster than you can earn it back.

There are many dice and card games in casinos, and Keno is one such game. This dice game works just like a lottery, and people have to pick numbers accordingly. There are usually 20 numbers selected out of an 80 number list, and the probability of winning is as less as 20%–30%.

So the next time you plan to visit a casino and play certain games, it will be better to stick to table games so that you can cut your losses. 


Casino gaming is very popular among people who love to gamble. Gambling might not be a good habit but people can still make some conscious decisions so that they do not end up losing huge amounts of money. So it is better to know what games will cost you the least even if you lose a game. Additionally, any games that involve slots and machines must be avoided as they are simply designed to rob money from players.

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