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9 Best UK Roadtrips to Ride This Summer

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Summer is well and truly on its way, and there’s no better season to hit the open road on two wheels. If you’re stuck for inspiration, motorbike finance specialists – and self-confessed riding enthusiasts – Superbike Loans have rounded up their nine favourite road trips, covering the UK from top to bottom. Get these on your 2023 bucket list.

North Coast 500 

Location: North Coast of Scotland

Length: 516 miles

Let’s get one of the most famous road trips out of the way first. The NC500 – as the regulars may call it – is a 500-mile scenic trip around the northern tip of Scotland. It’s incredibly popular, so you’ll want to time your visit wisely, but it’s well worth the effort.

You’ll be rewarded with some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery, including mountains, lochs, and coastline. Plan your trip well by booking nights at local B&Bs and making the most of the local pubs and friendly faces.

Snake Pass loop 

Location: Peak District, Derbyshire

Approximate length: 23 miles

Short, sweet, and a superb day out on your bike, the Snake Pass loop connects Glossop with Ladybower Reservoir via the A57. It may not be the longest route, but it is a challenging yet satisfying ride.

You’ll be treated to winding mountain roads and stunning countryside views. When your journey is over at the reservoir, stop for a bite and take in the beauty before returning.

Black Mountain Pass

Location: South Wales
Approximate length: 23 miles

This baby road trip is perfect for beginners or those who have just got their licence, but this 23-mile stretch will not disappoint regarding views.

Despite its short stature, it’s still a challenging ride, with plenty of steep climbs and hairpin bends to test your skills. But we promise it’s well worth the effort; you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The Cat & Fiddle

Location: Peak District

Approximate length: 19 miles

Here we have one of the most famous motorcycle routes in the UK and for a good reason. This 19-mile stretch of road in the glorious Peak District is renowned for its steep climbs and hairpin bends; it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But those who undertake this route will be rewarded with glorious, lush open scenery.

Hardknott Pass

Location: Lake District

Approximate length: 2.2km

A single-track road that cuts straight through the Lake District, Hardknott Pass is incredibly steep and winding but lots of fun to ride. It’s one of the steepest roads in England, and with a gradient of about 33%, it’s certainly a challenge.

But if you want to push the boundaries a little, this Cumbrian route is the one. Just take care of those hairpin bends and enjoy the end result.

Bakewell Loop

Location: Peak District

Approximate length: 67 miles

Get set for a delightful and leisurely ride in the Peak District with the deliciously named Bakewell Loop. From Bakewell, you’ll head towards Calver on the B6001 and loop back through Longhill. It’s a ride that will keep you engaged with challenging corners, steep hills, and rapid descents. You’ll also be taken through some of the Peak District’s most picturesque villages and towns.

The Evo triangle

Location: North Wales

Approximate length: 20 miles

The 20-mile stretch of The Evo triangle will see you traverse Welsh terrain of all kinds, including forests, mountains, and valleys. You get the best of both riding worlds on this route; a brilliant mix of winding corners and superb straights where you can open up that throttle.

While it may only take you 30 minutes or so to get around, there’s nothing wrong with doing a few laps!

The Cheddar Gorge route

Location: Somerset

Approximate length: 14 miles

Nestled deep in the Somerset countryside – a short journey south of Bristol – you’ll come across the Cheddar Gorge. A must-ride addition to your bucket list, you’ll venture between cliffs that tower on either side of you as you wind through the tight and sweeping bends of the Somerset countryside. This is one that absolutely cannot be missed.

Cornwall coastline

Location: Cornwall

Approximate length: 160 miles

As the name suggests, this long meandering A39 will see you from Barnstaple to Newquay along the rugged southern coastline. With stops off in Constantine Bay – where riders can take in a size breeze and sandy beaches while being treated to stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean – it’s the best day out on two wheels.

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