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The Best Toddler Winter Hats Ever

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Winter may have gone or is around the corner, but you as a parent have to always think ahead. The best toddler winter hats can be a cute accessory you cannot miss out on and are a thoughtful gift for all the toddler parents out there. 

Here’s a list of all the best toddler winter hats from top brands curated right below. 

9 Best toddler winter hats: which is your pick?

  • Best toddler beanie from Carhartt Kids’. The Acrylic Watch Hat from Carhartt is the best toddler winter hat cum beanie. Parents can’t get enough of Carhartt’s toddler winter hats for everyday wear, as evidenced by the tons of 5-star reviews on Amazon. They are extremely stretchy to accommodate a growing child, and despite being made of acrylic, reviewers praise their warmth. They also get extra style points because they are pint-sized versions of adult Carhartt beanies that are hipster-worthy, affordable, and available in a wide range of colours.
  • Best toddler bobble hat from Deux par deux. The most adorable bobble hat for a toddler is the Share Earflap Knit from Deux Par Deux; a hat in yellow and brown. It comes with a ribbed knit exterior and a lining made of polar fleece from Deux par Deux. On a cold winter day, the long ear flaps will keep your child warm, while the tassel tie with braided strings keeps the hat in place. The look is completed by a fluffy pom-pom at the top.
  • Best toddlerbBalaclava from The Bonnie Mob. The Baby Balaclava made of Ivory Cotton from Bonnie Mob is the best toddler winter hat for children who don’t like hats that fit under the chin. We know that as a parent, you naturally want your child’s head to stay warm. Fortunately, this pullover design combines the best aspects of both styles. This balaclava, which is made of stretchy, soft cotton, is simple to wear overhead and does not have any straps or buckles that are uncomfortable. Plus, the plush lining adds an additional layer of protection from the cold. This toddler winter hat has adorable bear ears and a star print that looks like a cartoon which is an absolute favourite for most kids.
  • Best toddler trapper hat from Zutano Furry. The brand’s classic beanies are our favourite, but this mini trapper cap is even cuter. It has ear flaps, a Velcro strap that fastens under the chin for a secure fit, a fleece exterior, and a soft furry lining.
  • Best cable knit toddler hat from Carter’s x Hilary Duff. The best toddler cable knit hat promoted by the celebrity mom Hilary Duff is the Toddler Cable Knit Cap from Carter’s x Hilary Duff collection. The children’s clothing brand Carter’s recently collaborated on a few essentials for the season, including this toddler winter hat. The soft, cable-knit beanie is available in adult and baby sizes and is available in muted grey and vibrant lavender. Time to twin!
  • Best reversible toddler beanie from Patagonia. The reversible beanie from Patagonia is the best reversible toddler beanie, loved by all outdoors enthusiasts. The toddler winter hat that is reversible comes in two styles: a high-pile fleece, and an adorable knit pattern. Additionally, it has longer sides to shield ears from the cold. In addition, this adorable style is made from recycled polyester and Fair Trade-sewn, making it a sustainable choice.
  • Best plush toddler hat from Columbia Toddler. The animal-printed beanie from Columbia Toddler Tiny II is the best plush hat for toddlers. Convincing a toddler to wear a hat they don’t like can be difficult, to say the least. Thankfully, this adorable cap features adorable animal ears that kids love. It is lined with fleece and made of a plush Sherpa material, making it also very soft to the touch. Additionally, the adjustable slip-through chin strap ensures that it will not fall off of your child’s head.
  • Best versatile toddler hat from JAN & JUL. The best toddler winter hat that can be worn in a variety of ways is the cosy-dry trapper hat from JAN & JUL. To make a cute beanie cap or a more conventional trapper-style hat, simply fold its ear flaps up. The hat can be adjusted to fit your kid’s head with a toggle at the back and a hook-and-loop chin strap. This hat has a waterproof outer shell, fully taped seams, and a warm Thinsulate lining made to withstand the cold.
  • Best fluffy toddler hat from the North Face Kids’. The Suave Oso Beanie from North Face Kids’ is the best toddler winter hat for a fluffy toddler. No list of the best hats for toddlers would be complete without an option from The North Face. This brand makes outerwear that lasts a long time and remains stylish. This faux fur beanie will keep your child’s head warm whether you go to the park or the ski slopes. It has a sweet pom on the top and is made entirely of recycled raschel fleece.

Final thoughts

Wool, according to science, is the best material for winter hats, followed by cotton. Although this may not come as a surprise, experts believe that a wool-acrylic blend is even warmer than these alternatives. So when you are choosing some other material for the best toddler winter hat, make sure you read its labels.


  • What is the difference between a beanie and a hat? A small, round, brimless beanie is called a hat. Boys started wearing beanies out of style in the first half of the 20th century. A beanie is also known as a skullcap and was traditionally close-knit without a brim.
  • What material is best for a winter cap? Natural materials like wool (merino wool is preferred), shearling (sheepskin), or fur are very effective in keeping your little munchkin’s head warm during winters. Synthetic insulation sold under the brand name Thinsulate is frequently used in gloves and hats.
  • Should toddlers wear hats in winter? If you think your baby is cold, you might be tempted to put on a hat indoors. But you should never do this, even in the cold. A baby needs a bare head to keep their body temperature stable and let out heat.

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