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The Best Solution to Your Gummy Smile

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A gummy smile can be embarrassing to some people because a gummy smile in general causes it to look very small and you show a lot of gums when you’re smiling. Now, this can create some form of embarrassment when the person is smiling and it may cause a bit of lack of confidence or self-confidence may decrease. If you’ve got a gummy smile.

One of my favourite procedures in treating gummy’s mouth is actually to do this thing called gum lift. As the name implies, we’re lifting the gums to show more teeth and fewer gums so that way. When they’re smiling, the frame around the teeth would be a lot less obvious and you get a nice, beautiful smile.

Now that being said, it depends on why you’ve got a gummy smile. And I could be a few reasons. One, you just have got excessive gums and you’ve got too many gums showing. We could treat it with a bit of gum lift we shall explain to you what gum leaf is all about. The other reason why you could have a gummy smile is that when you’re smiling, you’ve got a hyperactive lip where you’re smiling. The lips go are high and you show so many gums. Now, in this case, you can do what gum leaf might help to some extent but a major issue would be the muscles of your lip. And in treatment for that might be something else. Now, the other reason why you could have a dummy smile is that your teeth’s size and shape are too small.

If you increase the size and shape of the teeth, then there’s a better proportion when you smile, and therefore decreases what we’ve seen decreases your tummy smile. Now just touch based on gum lift. Now, what a gum does is that we, as the name implies, lift the gums to show fewer gums. There’re various ways to lift your gums.

One would be the traditional method where a dentist uses a blade, or a scalpel to cut the gums. And you might bleed quite a bit. And at the same time, you get a nice smile. However, it gives some pain and discomfort and healing might take a few days even up to a week. There’s another way to do a gum lift, which is to use a very specialised laser.

And the laser can just make it. It comes up very gently. And healing is quite instantaneous because there’s no bleeding, there’s no scarring. And you might get some slight discomfort towards the end, but it’s nowhere near the traditional method. The thing I love about gum lifting is that it creates so much value in a person’s smile, it gives you the potential to give to have a beautiful smile without doing much else, except lifting the gum slightly. If you have a gummy smile, stick it and find out why you’ve got a gummy smile. As I mentioned, it could be because of the size and shape of a tooth that is too small. Or it could be because you’ve got hypermobile lips. Or it could be just because you’ve got too many gums.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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