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Best Pod Vapes 2023: The Top Pod Systems to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

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In the fast-evolving world of vaping, pod systems have emerged as a favourite for many. Known for their compact designs, ease of use, and efficient nicotine delivery, pod vapes have carved a niche of their own. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking or are a seasoned vaper looking for portability, there’s a pod system out there that’s perfect for you. Below, we delve into the top 17 pod vapes of 2023 that cater to varied vaping needs.

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17 Best pod vapes to try this year

  1. JUUL. This, arguably the most recognised name in the pod vaping world, remains a top choice for many. It’s renowned for its minimalist design and foolproof usage, making it ideal for beginners. Its range of flavour pods offers variety, and its tight draw closely mimics that of a cigarette, making it a favourite for those transitioning from smoking.
  2. SMOK Nord 4. The Nord series from SMOK has consistently delivered, and the Nord 4 is no exception. Boasting a 2000mAh battery and a 4.5ml e-liquid capacity, it promises extended vaping sessions. With both MTL and DTL coil options, it caters to a broad spectrum of vapers, ensuring a tailored experience.
  3. Voopoo Drag X Plus. Voopoo’s Drag series has been a hallmark of quality, and the Drag X Plus takes it up a notch. Its dynamic range, going up to 100W, is complemented by the GENE.TT chip, ensuring rapid firing and consistent performance. The magnetic suction pod offers convenience, making refills and coil changes a breeze.
  4. Uwell Caliburn G. Building on the success of the original Caliburn, the Caliburn G offers a more refined vaping experience. Its 690mAh battery pairs with a 2ml pod capacity. Notably, its dual airflow system allows users to switch between a tight MTL and a loose MTL draw by simply flipping the pod, offering versatility in a compact package.
  5. GeekVape Aegis Pod. For those who prioritise durability, the Aegis Pod stands out with its IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof rating. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on performance. Its 800mAh battery ensures consistent hits, while the 3.5-ml pod capacity reduces the frequency of refills.
  6. Vaporesso XROS. Offering both draw-activated and button-activated vaping, the Vaporesso XROS is all about user preference. Its 800mAh battery pairs seamlessly with the 2ml pod, which boasts a top-fill design. The adjustable airflow slider is a thoughtful inclusion, allowing users to fine-tune their draw.
  7. Lost Vape Orion Q-Ultra. Marrying aesthetics with functionality, the Orion Q-Ultra stands out with its woven fabric panels and a sleek chassis. Its 1600mAh battery powers the device up to 40W, while the 4ml pod ensures ample e-liquid storage. The inclusion of both MTL and DTL coils in the package further accentuates its versatility.
  8. Innokin Sceptre. Prioritising simplicity without compromising on performance, the Sceptre is a solid entry from Innokin. Its 1400mAh battery offers longevity, and the 3ml e-liquid capacity ensures fewer refills. Notably, its automatic wattage adjustment feature tweaks the output based on the coil used, simplifying the vaping process for users.
  9. Freemax Autopod50. For those who lean towards sub-ohm pod vaping, the Autopod50 is a worthy contender. Its 2000mAh battery can fire up to 50W. The double mesh coil system promises flavorful hits and dense clouds, making it a favourite for cloud chasers who desire a pod system.
  10. Suorin Air Plus. Building on the legacy of the original Suorin Air, the Plus variant offers enhancements across the board. Its 930mAh battery ensures longer vaping sessions, while the 3.2ml pod capacity is a welcome upgrade. Its sleek and slim design ensures it slips easily into pockets, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping.
  11. Aspire Breeze NXT. A step up from its predecessors, the Breeze NXT showcases Aspire’s commitment to innovation. Armed with a sizeable 1000mAh battery and a 5.4ml e-liquid reservoir, it guarantees extended use. A highlight is its side-adjustable airflow, allowing vapers to find their sweet spot with ease. The push-fit coil system simplifies coil replacements, making maintenance a cinch.
  12. Rincoe Neso X. Compact yet potent, the Rincoe Neso X is a pocket-sized powerhouse. Its 350mAh battery, paired with a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity, ensures that despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The draw-activated mechanism and absence of buttons make it one of the most user-friendly options on the list.
  13. SMOK RPM80 Pro. An embodiment of power in a pod system, the RPM80 Pro by SMOK is a force to be reckoned with. Fueled by an external 18650 battery and boasting a 5ml e-liquid capacity, it promises longevity and fewer refills. Its IQ-80 chipset guarantees precise wattage adjustments and offers a range of protective features.
  14. Oxva Origin X. Merging flexibility with performance, the Oxva Origin X stands out with its unique RBA deck, catering to DIY vapers. The 18650 external battery support, coupled with a 3ml pod capacity, guarantees an uninterrupted vaping experience. Its magnetic pod connection and simple side-fill system offer unmatched convenience.
  15. Voopoo Vinci X. A sequel to the popular Vinci, the Vinci X takes the game further. Operating on an external 18650 battery and featuring a 5.5ml e-liquid capacity, it is designed for the long haul. Its GENE.AI chip ensures rapid firing, while the TFT colour display adds a touch of modernity.
  16. Artery PAL SE. Elegance meets functionality with the Artery PAL SE. This sleek pod system incorporates a 700mAh built-in battery and a 2ml e-liquid reservoir. Its unique top-fill design minimises mess during refills, while the LED indicators keep users informed about battery levels.
  17. HorizonTech Magico Pod. Capping off the list, the Magico Pod combines simplicity with performance. Its 1370mAh internal battery promises lasting usage, while the 6.5ml e-liquid chamber means fewer interruptions. A standout feature is its dual airflow adjustment, catering to both MTL and DTL vapers.

Final thoughts

Pod systems have revolutionised the vaping scene, marrying compactness with functionality. With a plethora of options available, the vaping community is truly spoiled for choice. Whether you prioritise battery life, e-liquid capacity, or sheer power, there’s a pod system tailored for your needs.

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