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Best Mobile Apps for Mental Health and Wellness in 2021

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Mental health is crucial for everyone, especially nowadays when technical progress makes everything so available for people. Thanks to innovations in the technical field, we have such wide access to all information and at the same time, live in constant stress.

Therefore, taking care of yourself is so important and thanks to modern mobile apps development, you can not only access games and use different apps for work but also improve your mental health. Different mental health apps were developed to reduce the level of your stress, help you relax, and even track your mental state. If you are someone who does care not only about his career and income but of his mind and spirit, check this list of the top emotional support apps and pick the one (or several ones) that suit you most of all and can meet your mental needs. 


Mood fit is a great mental health tracker that helps you cope with your negative emotions once you address it. 


  • Free
  • Adjustable to your goals
  • Helps track daily progress
  • Based not only on visual insights but on real exercises
  • Sends reminders daily
  • Customisable


  • In-built purchases (for advanced features)
  • Time-consuming for tracking moods
  • No professional help
  • Lack of progress

The healthy mind app is available both on Google Play and App Store. It is free and helps shape up your mood. You have already faced different fitness apps that help you maintain good physical shape, so this one is the same but just for your mental shape. 

Unfortunately, it is not totally free since some additional advanced features would cost you extra money. 

How it works

You fill in the questionnaire that helps figure out how severe your symptoms are. You can track your mood with its help. In some time, it will be easier to understand what exactly affects your mood and makes you feel this or that way. You will get insights on how to improve it and feel better. 


Talkplace is one of the best digital therapy apps and at the same time, the most expensive. 


  • Direct interaction with a professional
  • Possibility to change therapists
  • 24/7 support


  • Expensive
  • Limited therapy techniques
  • Not all therapists suit you well

How it works

Even though the app is not free, it allows working with a therapist directly. You have a chance to receive support 24/7. However, the app only helps find your therapist. It is not a digital assistant. You can purchase a monthly plan that would cost you at least $65 per week. 

The app has its chatroom and you are free to be in touch with your therapist at any time. You can have live video sessions as well. Users rate it at 4,4 stars/5. 


If you are constantly working and living under stress, this app would be your best friend. One of the best apps to help with depression should always be on your smartphone. 


  • Free
  • Very easy to navigate and use


  • One feature only, so this app may not be enough for you

How it works

If you are a fan of breathing techniques to relax and reduce the level of stress, iBreathe could be your number-one app. It helps master breathing exercises. The purpose of this app is to teach you deep breathing techniques, therefore, it is extremely easy to use. 

It is not distracting or overwhelming and really simple. It is necessary to practice deep breathing daily, so it is recommended to set up a reminder not to miss your exercises. If the ads do not irritate you, you can use it for free. If you do not want to view apps, just pay $1.99 once and you will not see any ads anymore. 


Happify is not one of the free mental health apps since it is paid. However, it has a lot of benefits. 


  • User-friendly
  • Allows setting very real and achievable goals


  • Paid version is quite expensive

How it works

The app is created to boost users’ moods. The app involves you in activities that were created with positive psychology techniques in mind. It helps cope with stress, boost your career success, cope with negative thoughts, increase your self-confidence, and meditate. 

This app is not totally free. There are both paid and free versions. The full access that opens all advanced features would cost you at least $14.99. Users give this app 4.5 stars out of 5.


The app was created by a teenage girl and her brother who struggled with their mental health. 


  • Free
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Allows your closest people to rescue you


  • Does not provide actual mental health, rather helps to notify your contacts when you need it. 

How it works

The app has a big red button. You must activate it when you need support or help from your friends or family. It allows adding up to five contacts in your support group. You can hit the panic button and they will get a signal and your GPS location. They will receive the message that will say you are not OK and ask them to call, text, or come to find you. 


All these apps are created with one goal: help you maintain your mental health, cope with your fears or negative emotions and thoughts, and find the way out of your situation. They have different principles of work, so you can pick the ones that suit you most of all. You may need several of them though. 

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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