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The Best Mental Health Podcasts for Your Commute Revealed

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Commercial property specialists, Bruntwood have collated the best mental health podcasts based on average UK regional commute times.

After almost a year and half of working on kitchen tables and makeshift home offices, we’ve now begun to take our first tentative steps back towards office life.

For many of us, particularly those with longer commutes, just the thought of heading back to the office after such a long time is a sure-fire way to stir up feelings of anxiety and unease.

However, commercial property specialists, Bruntwood are keen to make the commute a more positive experience for everyone with the help of some of the best wellness and mental health podcasts available; not only are they a great way to compartmentalise feelings of stress and anxiety, but they also give you an opportunity to reframe your thinking for the rest of the day.

The company has put together a list of the best mental health and well-being podcasts and tailored them to the average regional commute times across the country, some of the highlights include:

North East & Cumbria: 64-minute average commute

  • You Are Good: 62 minutes
  • The Panic Years: 44.5 minutes
  • A Mindful Moment: 20.1 minutes

East Midlands: 52-minute average commute

  • Depresh Mode with John Moe: 52.9 minutes
  • Bryony Gordon’s Mad World: 37.8 minutes
  • Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: 15.6 minutes

London: 47-minute average commute

  • The Mid-Point with Gabby Logan: 47.8 minutes
  • The Anxiety Guy Podcast: 13.5 minutes
  • Open Mind with Frankie Bridge: 34.2 minutes

North West: 39-minute average commute

  • Dear Gabby: 39.7 minutes
  • The Naked Mind Podcast: 27.3 minutes
  • Mind, Body, No Soul: 11.5 minutes

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