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Stay Balanced with These 5 Best Mental Health Apps

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It is often very difficult for creative people and others to realise that they do not feel very well mentally. Work and everyday activities take up all our attention and make us forget to stop for a second and think about our inner state. We only notice something wrong when we are already burned out or other serious symptoms have developed that are difficult not to feel. Today’s mobile apps can not only take free IQ tests but also tell you everything about our psychological state.

The five apps below will help you monitor your mental health and keep it in an adequate state. Also, they will remind you that sometimes you need to stop and take a little break from active work.


For sure, many people know this meditation application. It will teach you how to meditate if you are new to it. The lessons are very simple and clear, and you will quickly learn this skill with their help. If you already know how to meditate and you have specific goals – to reduce anxiety, for example – just choose the appropriate course. Headspace has a whole selection of guides aimed at improving self-esteem, reducing stress, finding happiness, and much more.

Also, some guides and tracks help you fall asleep. Tracks are ambient music of a certain frequency that can tune our brain and nervous system to sleep and rest. Several tracks are available in the free version.

Basic training is also available for free, as are some guides and the first classes from each course. So, you can try everything that interests you and see if you want to pay for this app.


This is not an app, but a Facebook bot. But it still deserves a place on our list. After getting acquainted with the bot, you can set parameters for how often it will ask you about your mental state. At a given frequency, it will ask you to tell about your mood and what is wrong if you are not feeling well.

If something is bothering you, the Woebot will help you understand your feelings through cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT is an approach that helps to understand and recognize distortions in thinking and correct them. Woebot will tell you the details, so don’t worry if this is something new for you.

The bot will not only recognise your mental states and help you deal with them, but also learn how you think and what works for you. So, over time, it will immediately offer a solution in the form of an exercise that will surely help you cope with the problem. Besides, Woebot will tell you how the human psyche works in this way, teach you to cope with life’s difficulties on your own. This is a kind of psychotherapist who will find the wrong patterns of thinking and help correct them.

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This app will run three times a day and ask you about your mood and feelings. It will also ask you leading questions that will help you better understand the state of your mind. The main purpose of the app is to notice when a person is depressed and to understand if there is any depression at all.

Moodpath doesn’t solve the problem, although tracking moods can help you see certain patterns and suggest possible solutions. But the app can notice the beginning of a depressive episode, which is very important. You will be able to understand that you need the help of a specialist and start therapy before you start the problem and it becomes too complicated.

The app will give you a summary of your moods once a week. And once every two weeks – an analysis of your general condition. This is the result that appears twice a month and will tell you if you have a depressive episode.

If you are already visiting a therapist or are thinking about starting one, the data from Moodpath will be an excellent basis for the specialist’s work. You can show him the stability or instability of your moods, which will help you notice some trends.

There are also exercises, useful articles, and courses in the app, although most of them are only available in the paid version. The only drawback of Moodpath is the inability to create an account.

Sleep Cycle

A fairly popular and well-known app that will help you get enough sleep. Sleep is cyclical, and Sleep Cycle will wake you up at the end of the cycle. You can use the app as a regular alarm clock so that you wake up at a specific time. Then you risk breaking the cycle and waking up in a broken state. But the program mme will record data about the quality of your sleep.

However, if you want to Wake up at the end of the cycle, you can set the app a half-hour interval during which the alarm should sound. Then Sleep Cycle will not only record data about your sleep but also wake you up at the most successful moment. This is a great feature for freelancers who don’t have to get up at a specific time.

The free version also has ambient music to help you fall asleep. A paid subscription will open up more features in analytics and useful guides.


This app is similar to Moodpath – it also records and analyses your moods and states. It looks a little nicer; but unlike Modpath, the free version works as a simple diary. If you want more features, you will have to buy a paid subscription, which, fortunately, is inexpensive. This app also uses cognitive behavioural therapy and positive reinforcement to help you correct your thinking patterns and habits.

Don’t forget about your mental health. It is no less important than the physical. These apps will help you track your health and notice when something has gone wrong.

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