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The Best Guide to Accepting a Job Offer for Fresh Graduates

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There’s no doubt that you are super excited to accept the job and start immediately. Understandable, but step back for a second. Accepting a job offer has its right and wrong ways, and you want to be on the right side.

An excellent first impression is an essential part of starting a new job. What is the right way to accept no-experience jobs in Singapore?

Evaluate the job offer

At first glance, a job offer might seem very lucrative, but don’t accept it immediately. It is essential to consider whether your expectations match the official offer. Did you discuss benefits, training hours, or salary during your job interview?

The job offer may state that you must be physically present three days per week at the office, despite discussing the option to work from home. You should bring it up with the hiring manager if you don’t review the job offer thoroughly.

A job offer can be evaluated appropriately by following these steps:

  • Get a written offer of employment. Request a written offer if the employer makes the offer over the phone. This approach allows you to review all the terms and conditions carefully and negotiate more effectively.
  • Consider the offer carefully. Consider the offer carefully before making a rushed decision to ensure you don’t lose your spot. In most cases, employers will give you 1 or 2 days to decide, so if you’re still interested but need time to decide, they won’t mind.
  • Negotiate. It’s OK to negotiate some employment terms. Try to keep your negotiation points realistic – the company isn’t willing to pay twice as much as they initially offered.

Accepting a job offer

It’s time to make matters official after evaluating and accepting the job offer. Accepting the job offer in writing is much better than just calling the recruiter.

A written job offer is only polite – especially since you’ll be asking your employer for the same when you accept the offer. Also, all verbal agreements should be formalized in writing to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Accepting a job offer can be done via letter or email. Using a letter or email, you can accept a job offer:

Job offer acceptance letter

Well-structured, error-free, and formal acceptance letters are essential. Type it out to make it easy to read. If your employer sent you the job offer by letter rather than via email, or if the company is less tech-savvy, you can use an acceptance letter.

Here’s how to write a great job acceptance letter:

  • Thanks for the job. Thank the employer for the offer in the acceptance letter. Mention the company and position when applying.
  • Take the job. Then, you can acknowledge your interest in the job and mention your excitement about starting.
  • Make sure the offer is clear. You can use this space to officially agree with all the salary details, benefits, etc. For example, you can use the acceptance letter to document any terms you negotiated via phone.
  • Start date. Your acceptance letter should confirm your starting date. 
  • If you are changing jobs and must serve a notice period, inform your future employer ahead of time, rather than mentioning it in your letter.
  • Positively conclude. ‘I’m excited to begin my new job.’ 

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