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Expert Reveals 4 Best Foods That May Help Reduce Stress 

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News Release, (2022, August 16). Expert Reveals 4 Best Foods That May Help Reduce Stress . Psychreg on Mental Health & Well-Being.
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Many people struggle through thunderstorms, and as the bad weather looms over the UK, recipe development manager Mimi Morley from HelloFresh has revealed the best food to eat, which may help reduce stress. 

‘With thunderstorms expected to hit parts of the UK this week, many people might feel slightly anxious.’

Foods that are high in magnesium and zinc may help with keeping you feel calmer. Meals packed with leafy greens and wholegrains are great sources of magnesium, whereas beef, egg yolks and nuts are full of zinc which may help reduce feelings of stress.’

Here are some inspirational recipes to help keep you calm during the bad weather. 

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