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Top 10 Best Cities for Mental Well-Being

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Life can be stressful, from career pressures to money worries, so it’s important to have an environment you feel comfortable in that supports your mental well-being. But which European cities are the best for your mental health and well-being

New research from hybrid hospitality brand, The Social Hub, has analysed a variety of metrics, including sunshine hours and happiness scores, across 36 European cities to reveal the ones that are best for boosting mental well-being.

The demands of student life and the pressures of starting a career can be overwhelming, and having so much to juggle all at once sometimes means being left with no time to take care of your well-being. This can take a big toll on your mental health. 

But did you know that where you live can also greatly impact your psychological well-being? The hybrid hospitality brand The Social Hub has crunched the numbers to reveal the best cities in Europe for supporting mental health, analysing metrics such as happiness scores, green space, pollution levels, and sunshine hours.

Copenhagen revealed as Europe’s best city for mental well-being, with the best happiness score in Europe

Home to some of the happiest people in Europe, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen ranks at the top of the list. Denmark, as a whole, scores better than any country on this list for happiness, with a score of 7.6 out of a possible 10. Copenhagen is also one of the more LGBTQ+-friendly countries on this list, ranking second after Oslo for this metric with a social progress score of 90.5.

Vienna ranks as the second-best city in Europe for mental well-being. A monthly gym membership in Vienna costs an average of just €27.94, which is great for anyone whose favourite way to deal with stress is to exercise.

Stockholm follows closely behind Vienna in third place, with an overall happiness score of 7.4. The city also offers the third-highest number of walking trails of all cities analysed (734) and the second-best air quality (84.3). 

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