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12 Best Child Psychologists in Edmonton

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Finding the right psychologist for your child can be a crucial step in ensuring their mental and emotional well-being. In Edmonton, numerous highly qualified professionals offer specialised services tailored to meet the needs of children and their families. 

This list highlights the 12 best child psychologists in Edmonton, featuring practitioners who bring a wealth of experience, diverse therapeutic approaches, and a commitment to fostering positive outcomes. 

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, trauma, behavioural issues, or other challenges, these psychologists provide compassionate and effective care. From Marcia Buhler’s expertise in attachment theory and child development to Dr Jennifer Gordon’s relationship-focused approach, each professional on this list offers unique strengths and specialties. Explore the comprehensive services available at these esteemed practices to find the right fit for your child’s needs and start the journey towards healing and growth.

1. Marcia Buhler

Phone(780) 893-8012

Marcia Buhler is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a Certified Peaceful parent coaching, and a member of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. With over 20 years of experience in counselling children and parents, she offers a wealth of expertise rooted in attachment theory and the neurobiological underpinnings of connection. Marcia’s approach is evidence-based, focusing on understanding and responding to children’s behaviour as communication of their needs. She specialises in various areas, including trauma, anxiety, and emotional regulation, offering gentle and sensitive counselling that quickly connects with parents, creating a safe and trusting environment.

Marcia’s extensive training includes certifications in Circle of Security Parenting, Child Parent Relationship Training, and Incredible Years programs. Her services cater to parents of children aged 0-11, providing support, education, and practical strategies to enhance parent-child relationships, manage behaviour, and promote emotional well-being. Sessions are offered virtually across Alberta, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all clients. With a focus on healing, learning, and thriving, Marcia helps families create a peaceful, collaborative, and joyful home life.

2. J. Gordon Psychology Group

Address#4 9804 47 Ave Edmonton AB, T6E 5P3
Emailinfo@jgordonpsychMarcia Buhler


Phone(780) 938-4473

Dr Jennifer Gordon is a registered school and clinical psychologist who supports children, families, and schools in the Edmonton area. She is also a Registered Play Therapist and the author of Nora and the Worry Zoot, a book designed to help children manage anxiety.

At J. Gordon Psychology Group, the focus is on preschool and school-aged assessments, consultations, and counseling/therapy for children and youth facing various social, emotional, behavioural, and relational challenges.

Dr Gordon and her team prioritise a relationship-focused and strength-based approach. They create a supportive environment in therapy sessions where children and teens feel understood, helping them build insight, coping skills, and resilience through integrative therapeutic approaches such as CBT, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Additionally, they provide caregivers with evidence-based strategies to foster positive child development and address the learning and emotional needs of children.

3. Summit Counseling Services

Address10328 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1K8
Phone(780) 217-4665

Summit Counseling Services provides a diverse array of therapeutic options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require individual counseling or couples therapy, they’ve got you covered emotionally.

If you’re looking to boost your self-confidence, their empowerment workshops will have you feeling like a supermodel on the runway.

Convenience is key at Summit Counseling Services. Imagine a clinic in the heart of the bustling city where you can refresh your mind and soul. Summit Counseling Services offers an atmosphere that feels like a retreat, complete with zen-inducing decor and soothing background music. Plus, they offer flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest individuals.

Summit Counseling Services is renowned for its exceptional team of therapists. Often referred to as the Yodas of the counseling world, these therapists possess the wisdom to help unravel the complexities of the mind. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight their expertise, empathy, and genuine care. These therapists are like mental health superheroes, fighting internal battles with compassion and understanding.

Recognising the importance of accessible mental health care, Summit Counseling Services offers a range of pricing options, including insurance coverage and sliding scale fees. While they currently don’t have promotions or discounts, it’s worth checking their website periodically for any new deals.

4. Open Door Psychology

Address9690 182 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 6M1
Phone(825) 436-4099

Our experience with Open Door Psychology was exceptional. They offer a wide range of services to meet various mental health needs, including individual, couple, and family therapy and counseling. Our psychologist was compassionate and attentive, creating a supportive environment for our sessions.

Their services were efficient, with flexible scheduling options that accommodated our busy lifestyle. Booking appointments was easy, and the administrative staff responded promptly. Our psychologist was punctual and respectful of our time, making the therapeutic process convenient and accessible.

The quality of care at Open Door Psychology was outstanding. Our psychologist used evidence-based therapeutic techniques, tailoring our treatment plan to meet our specific needs and goals. We felt valued and understood throughout our sessions, fostering trust and rapport with our therapist.

Open Door Psychology offered competitive rates and accepted various insurance plans, making mental health services affordable and accessible. We found their fees reasonable given the high level of expertise and personalized care we received. Our investment in therapy with Open Door Psychology was worthwhile for the positive impact it had on our well-being.

Overall, our experience with Open Door Psychology exceeded our expectations. We felt supported and empowered to address our mental health concerns in a safe and non-judgmental space. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional and compassionate psychological care. Open Door Psychology truly lives up to its name, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for healing and growth.

5. Revelation Counselling & Psychological Services

Address12547 129 St NW 3rd flr, Edmonton, AB T5L 1H7

Formerly known as Buhr Psychological Services, Revelation Counselling & Psychological Services Inc. provides individual, couple, and family counseling. Revelation offers flexible scheduling with counselors available during evenings and weekends. For those who find it challenging to visit the office, they also offer convenient video counseling sessions.

6. Midnight Sun Wellness

Address2 Athabascan Ave #210, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 4E3, Canada
Phone(587) 287-2686

Midnight Sun Wellness is dedicated to fostering healing, growth, and self-discovery. Believing in every individual’s capacity to live their best life, the wellness center offers specialised therapeutic services aimed at reinforcing strengths and empowering clients.

The center’s psychologists specialize in a broad spectrum of areas, including PTSD, ADHD, trauma (such as sexual abuse and childhood traumas), anxiety, depression, chronic pain, grief, and racialized traumas. This extensive expertise ensures clients receive tailored and informed support for their specific needs.

Psychologists like Rashmani Chakrabarty utilize trauma-informed and integrative therapeutic approaches, incorporating modalities such as EMDR, Narrative Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This diverse toolkit allows therapists to adapt to individual client needs, enhancing the effectiveness of the therapeutic process.

It is worth noting that service rates are not readily available online, so interested clients may need to inquire directly for more information.

Overall, Midnight Sun Wellness stands out as a sanctuary for those seeking growth, healing, and compassionate mental health support. The holistic healing philosophy, diverse specializations, trauma-informed approaches, and cultural sensitivity are the center’s strengths. Psychologists like Rashmani Chakrabarty and Kubra Sansarlioglu exemplify a commitment to providing personalized and empathetic care.

7. Firefly Counseling

Address201, 8711 50 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H4, Canada
Phone(587) 400-0302

Next on our list of the top psychologists in Edmonton is Firefly Counselling. This practice consists of a team of experienced practitioners, each with over 15 years of expertise in their respective fields. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional care tailored to their patients’ specific needs.

8. Dr Tamara D. Hanoski

Address9690 182 Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5T 6M1
Phone(780) 604-8704

Dr Tamara D. Hanoski is a registered psychologist providing counseling services in Edmonton, Alberta. She earned both her master’s and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology from the accredited program at the University of Alberta. With over 17 years of experience, Dr. Hanoski has worked with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families, including individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and various sexual orientations.

Dr Hanoski is dedicated to offering compassionate care to her clients, helping them navigate their challenges and strive for greater mastery and fulfillment in their lives.

9. Allegro Counselling

Address9915B 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E-1Z1
Phone(587) 287-9072

Sasha Campbell has been the Director of Allegro Counselling since 2013, now situated on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, AB. With over a decade of experience, she assists clients of all ages, including children, teens, adults, and couples.

At Allegro Counselling, therapeutic services embrace a holistic approach, addressing intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and occupational well-being to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Additionally, Sasha provides the convenience of direct billing to insurance companies.

10. Aspirations Counselling and Training Centre

Address9853 – 90 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 2T2
Phone(780) 468-1366

Since 2008, Aspirations Counselling and Training Centre, located in Old Strathcona, has been dedicated to serving the community with their family-owned private practice. Their boutique-like clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment.

Aspirations alues a holistic approach to support their clients’ needs, considering various aspects of personal growth and potential. Their specialized services include trauma treatment, personal development, and much more.

Committed to client comfort, they adapt their services to foster collaborative relationships that yield positive outcomes.

Aspirations Inc. provides services in English and Tagalog, with Persian to be added by the end of August. They specialise in trauma, couples counseling, developmental psychology, and offer treatments for children, adolescents, parenting support, families, and all areas of personal growth.

11. Insight Psychological

Address2532 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, T6X 0A9
Phone(780) 461-1717

Insight Psychological is a multi-award-winning company, recognized for its impressive growth with prestigious national accolades such as the Canadian Business Growth 500/List Award (2018 and 2020) and The Globe & Mail’s Canada’s Top Growing Companies Award (2021).

As one of Alberta’s leading providers of high-quality, multi-specialty assessment and counseling services, Insight Psychological has been supporting individuals, families, groups, and organizations across various sectors since 1997.

Insight specializes in a wide range of counseling areas including sex and gender issues, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, abuse, grief and transitions, addictions, psychological and personality disorders. They also offer specialized services for children and youth, couples and families, uniformed personnel and first responders, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Their comprehensive assessment services include psychoeducational, behavioral, psychological, neuro-psychological, cognitive functioning, forensic, vocational, return-to-work, personality, and management/leadership abilities.

Launched in 2018, Insight’s Corporate Care division focuses on the assessment, prevention, intervention, and care for psychological injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

With a diverse team of over 40 therapists, Insight provides both online and in-person services at their six Alberta locations, including Edmonton South, North, West, and Downtown.

Guided by principles of excellence in service, integrity in action, and compassion in client care, Insight Psychological strives to be the most trusted and sought-after provider of high-quality psychological care in every community they serve.

12. ReFocus You

AddressNorth Edmonton: 15353 97 street Edmonton, AB, Canada

South Edmonton:  8506 104 street Edmonton, AB, Canada

PhoneClearwater Plaza: (780) 700-2577 

North District: (780) 700-2577

South Edmonton: (780) 262-2577 

ReFocus You offers mental health services in Edmonton, providing a supportive and inspiring atmosphere for those seeking strength and hope. Their counseling services cater to children, teenagers, adults, families, and couples, embracing clients from diverse nationalities, races, backgrounds, religious views, and sexual orientations.

ReFocus You creates a non-judgemental, friendly, and compassionate environment, using a client-centered approach to empower and inspire individuals to achieve their desired changes. They specialise in various therapeutic methods, including attachment therapy, CBT, EMDR, solution-focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).

Their individual therapy sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs, with each session costing $220 and typically lasting about 50 minutes.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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