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CBD Oil: The Five Best CBD Oil Brands in the UK

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CBD is becoming ever more popular in the UK with people looking to make the transition from regular pharmacy supplements to more natural CBD products. CBD oils offer many of the same potential health benefits as other supplements, but with the added bonus of being 100% natural.

The CBD industry in the U.K. is still relatively new, and finding the perfect CBD oils to suit your taste and needs can often feel a little confusing. From pure CBD tinctures made from just three all-natural ingredients to flavour-packed tinctures rich in cannabinoids knowing which option to choose can be daunting.

The good news is we have put together a list of the five best CBD oil brands in the U.K. So, whether you prefer sweet fruity oils or herbal tinctures, you are sure to find an option that offers exceptionally high quality.

Let’s take a looks at the five best CBD oil brands in the UK and what they have to offer.

Provacan: Best for simplicity

Provacan is one of the leading CBD brands in the U.K., committed to delivering high-quality, natural-feeling products. All of Provacan’s CBD products are based on the idea that CBD supplements should be simple, allowing the real benefits to shine through.

To ensure that every drop of oil provides the best experience possible, Provacan uses just two ingredients to create its oils, keeping them as healthy and natural as possible. With Provacan CBD oil, you are guaranteed absolutely no artificial flavours or colourings; just oils that contain only the very best organic ingredients.

All of the Provacan oils are made using full-spectrum CBD, meaning that you are benefiting from CBD and all the other cannabinoids and terpenes with every drop. There are four different CBD concentrations to choose from, including 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg options. Provacan provides you with as much choice and control as possible.

It even has bulk buy options, helping you to save money each time you order your favourite oil tinctures.

CBDfx: Best broad-spectrum oil

CBDfx offers a range of oils that deliver a potent dose of broad-spectrum CBD, meaning that you can enjoy all of the healthy cannabinoids found within hemp plants with each delicious drop of oil. At CBDfx, they understand that one of the main reasons people love CBD oils is their simplicity, and therefore uses just two ingredients to create its oils.

MCT oil derived from coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD sourced from EU-grown organic hemp plants come together to deliver a premium CBD tincture. This 100% natural formula also means that CBDfx’s oils are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

There are three different oils to choose from when shopping with CBDfx: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg CBD tinctures. All three concentrations are made using the same high-quality, two-ingredient recipe.

Holland & Barrett: Best for choice

Holland & Barrett is a well-established brand in the UK known for offering an extensive range of supplements and health care products. Holland & Barrett was the first major UK brand to branch out, creating its very own range of CBD oil tinctures.

In keeping with the brand’s commitment to delivering natural alternatives to supplements and wellness products, all of Holland & Barrett’s CBD products are made using 100% natural recipes. All of the CBD found in Holland & Barrett’s CBD range is derived from E.U. certified hemp plants that are packed with a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Alongside their own brand of CBD products, Holland & Barrett also stock a range of different brands, including Jacob Hooy and Holistic Hemp, providing customers with as much choice as possible.

Vitality CBD: Best for flavour options

Vitality CBD places a great deal of importance on providing its customers with choices, understanding that not every CBD oil tincture is suitable for everyone. Not only does Vitality CBD stock a range of deliciously flavoured oils, but it also includes oils that have been specially formulated to trigger specific effects.

When shopping for CBD oils with Vitality CBD, there are two main categories: Daily supplements and tinctures that include added essential oils and vitamins to create more targeted effects. Having the option to use different oils to suit different moods helps to ensure that you can always make the most of every drop of oil.

Among the many flavour options, Vitality CBD oils are available in lemon and berry flavours for a burst of fruity freshness each day. There are also various concentrations of CBD to choose from, ranging from as little as 300mg and working up to highs of 4800mg.

Hempura: Best overall design

Hempura has worked hard to ensure that its CBD oil tinctures are not only practical but also enjoyable to use. From beautifully designed packaging to high-quality CBD, Hempura pays close attention to even the smallest of details.

All of Hempura’s CBD comes in two options: Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. This gives you the ability to pick the type of CBD that works best for you. There are also several concentrations to choose from, providing even more control over your CBD experience.

Hempura is an excellent option for anyone who appreciates the smaller details and is searching for a CBD oil that feels more like a treat than a supplement.


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