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How to Choose the Best CBD Cream

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CBD topicals are becoming increasingly popular, offering an alternative to the more traditional sublingual CBD oil tinctures that so many of us have become used to.

One of the main reasons that CBD topicals, and in particular CBD creams, are quickly becoming one of the fastest-selling CBD products on the market is because they offer complete control. Unlike other CBD products, topicals only affect the area of the body that they are applied to and, therefore, give you the ability to choose exactly where and how you experience CBD.

Another significant benefit of CBD creams, and topicals in general, is that they work much faster than sublingual CBD meaning that effects can be felt almost instantly. Thus, CBD topicals are often used for treating pain – particularly skin, joint, and muscle pain.

Not all CBD creams are the same, and while some offer fantastic quality and powerful effects, others can leave you wondering why you parted with your money. The good news is that it is easy to avoid disappointment with just a few critical questions that, when applied to each CBD cream, will give you clues about its quality.

To help you experience CBD creams at their very best, we have put together a complete guide so that you can shop with confidence.

What is CBD Cream, and how does it work?

CBD creams are a form of topical and can include everything from rejuvenating eye creams to full body lotions. Like regular creams, CBD cream is easy to use. Simply apply it to your skin and allow it to absorb and take effect naturally.

The exact CBD creams that you choose will very much depend on your intended outcome. If you’re looking to hydrate your face and provide it with the nutrients it needs to stay looking and feeling healthy, a CBD face or eye cream is going to be the best option. A general CBD cream or balm, however, is much better for targeting joint and muscle pain.

One of the great things about CBD creams is that you are in control and can choose the best types of creams, balms, and lotions to suit your intended purpose. Equally, you can decide the concentration of CBD present in your chosen cosmetics. Premium Jane, for example, offers its hydrating CBD balm in two different concentration levels for ultimate control.

CBD topicals work slightly differently from other CBD products as the cannabinoids contained within creams are absorbed through the skin and, as a result, only affect the area that they are applied to. The CBD does not actually enter your bloodstream and is therefore not transported around your body.

The fact that CBD topicals only affect the area they are applied to is one of their main benefits. With CBD topicals, you get complete control over your body areas that are affected, making them perfect for times when a particular area needs an extra cannabinoid boost.

Things to consider when choosing CBD cream

There are a few essential factors to consider when choosing CBD creams so you can experience the best possible results.

Firstly, the ingredients list will be the most significant indicator of quality. A cream packed with artificial ingredients will be less effective than a cream made from 100% natural ingredients. Of course, there is a middle ground, and a brand should not be disregarded entirely for using a few added chemicals to enhance their cream. As with all CBD products, there is often a middle ground delivering both quality and affordability.

Another essential thing that you should definitely look out for is the type of CBD being used and to check that your chosen cream does contain CBD and not merely hemp plant particulate. While CBD is very often sourced from the hemp plant, there is a vast difference in terms of effects between CBD derived from hemp and hemp compounds.

While less important, it is also worth paying attention to the aroma of your chosen topicals and their usability. These factors might not determine the long term effects felt, but they will contribute to your over experience and the product’s usability.

So, where can you find the best CBD cream in 2020?

Where to find the best CBD cream

CBD cream from Premium Jane offers the perfect balance between price and quality, bringing you a genuinely premium-feeling product that you cannot help but look forward to using. 

Premium Jane has two all-purpose CBD topical salves for customers to choose from as well as more specific products such as day and night face creams. Premium Jane aims to use natural, organically grown ingredients whenever possible, understanding that they deliver a much healthier and pleasing experience.

To ensure that you will always receive a premium experience, Premium Jane sources all of its CBD from hemp plants that are grown in Kentucky on organic farms. Working closely with each farm has allowed Premium Jane to guarantee that all of their creams contain no more than 0.3% THC and are 100% organic.

Premium Jane’s combination of high-quality CBD, organic natural ingredients, and commitment to making their products as accessible as possible come together to create a range of topicals that showcase CBD at its very best.

For a premium CBD cream that delivers reliable and effective results, make sure to head to Premium Jane and check out its topicals.


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