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5 Scientifically-Backed Health Benefits of Using a Masturbator

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The term masturbator refers to the toys used to aid sex and solo-play. It generally comprises a wide variety of options intended for men and women. For instance, a vibrator is mostly used by women, while masturbation sleeves are used by men. There are also dildos, strokers ,and many more which cater different sexual gratifications; buy high-quality masturbator toys from xinghaoya.

Aside from giving pleasure, did you know that the use of masturbators has fantastic health benefits? Not everyone bothers to understand the positive health implications masturbation brings – especially with the help of a masturbator. However, many studies have shown promising results regarding the subject.

Hence, bumping up with articles and reading materials that can provide such information should not be taken for granted. It would be best to understand more about how a mere masturbator can impact peoples’ overall health. To do that, take some time reading these scientifically backed benefits of using a masturbation toy.

Good mood improvement due to the release of the love hormone

The love hormone or cuddle hormone is scientifically referred to as oxytocin. The hypothalamus produces it via the pituitary glands due to touching, hugging, and orgasm. In which case, the level of these hormones is significantly high among those who are in love.

Furthermore, solo sex patriots have more exquisite levels of oxytocin, especially during orgasm. Hence, an easier orgasm with the help of a masturbator creates an avenue in improving peoples’ moods in general.

For instance, women use dildos as their primary masturbators to enjoy a powerful orgasmic feeling. On the other hand, men use artificial vaginas, a fleshlight comparison, as their basic masturbation toy to create an almost surreal feeling comparable to the original.

Promotes gynaecological health

Using masturbators among women has gathered enough attention for them to decide on using one. It not only provides them with orgasmic satisfaction, but it also reflects better gynaecological health.

For example, using a dildo-vibrator can certainly jolt every sensitive nerve a woman has in the vagina. However, it also helps the vagina in improving its vaginal wall elasticity. It also enhances vaginal lubrication, which can help prevent gynaecological issues like vaginal tightness and dryness.

Helps improve blood circulation and lessens heart-related diseases

Masturbators are not just merely sexual toys that aid in attaining powerful orgasms. People do not know that they can benefit from it as far as healthy well-being is concerned. In fact, masturbating or having sex with the help of these masturbators can actually improve blood circulation.

As a man or a woman gets excited during orgasm, their corresponding heartbeat increases as well. In effect, the heart will pump more blood at a rapid pace in a short period giving the entire circulatory system a chance for better mobility. The resulting circulatory system mobility improves cardiovascular endurance, thus, keeping a healthy heart.

The risks of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer become lower.

Another remarkable effect that mastubators can provide is preventing risks for prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction among men. When men stop or are unable to release semen for long periods, the risk of having prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction increases. Thus, the saying, ‘What you don’t use, you’ll lose,’ would perfectly apply to the implications of not being able to release semen regularly.

In addition, some experts suggest that regular masturbation is encouraged among men to lessen the risks of getting prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Thus, masturbators among men can significantly help improve erection and consequently give a better chance of having a healthier prostate.

A sound sleep is much more attainable

Sleeping soundly seems impossible these days due to hectic career schedules and noisy surroundings, which causes unnecessary stress to people. Sleeping pills become a helpful remedy but not a permanent solution. Perhaps, looking for a more natural way of inducing sleep would be an outstanding discovery.

This is where masturbation, sex, and orgasm come in. Orgasm gives off a satisfying feeling. When the body calms and the mind relaxes, it is as if the eyes follow its lead and finally sleeps soundly.  Waking up will be more energetic than ever because the sleeping experience has improved significantly.


More than the satisfaction people can get from reaching orgasm by using a masturbator during sex or masturbation; there are also underlying health benefits that they can get. However, people tend to disregard or not notice these seemingly unbelievable perks, like a healthier reproductive system, a sound sleep, and a happier feeling. 

You can say that the overall body wellness is better than the aftermath of orgasm itself. Thinking that one can get more than just pleasure makes sex and masturbation more satisfying.

Therefore, people should remember to value their sexual health more than their sexual pleasures. Doing so will create a healthier thinking pattern with regards to using masturbators. Not only that, but people will regard sexual activities as a kind of healthy exercise. Thus, hopefully, it would end the societal taboo that sex, masturbation, and sex toys have in this era.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in psychology, mental health, and wellness.

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