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Benefits of Psychometric Tests in Job Interviews

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When it comes to selecting a candidate, apart from knowing about the professional and educational qualifications of a person it is very important to know about the other aspects of the person as well. Although normal interviews can only determine the types of skillset a person has, it is very difficult to understand the type of attitude a person has towards the work and how will they handle any kind of pressure situation at work. However, the problem seems to be sorted after psychometric tests were brought into the interview process. Psychometric tests are basically meant to provide objective and measurable data to help managers make informed decisions for hiring. 

Psychometric assessments provide insight into candidate intelligence levels, values, as well as behaviours and motivations. These Psychometric tests are basically desinged by professionals and experts to understand the reaction and response of the person during a specific situation. In a pressure situation such as sales or achieving a target during the deadline, it is important to understand how an employee reacts. Psychometric tests will not only help to understand that but will also assist in hiring people in higher positions such as managers with additional skillsets. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to adding Psychometric tests to the interview procedure and here are some of them.

Understand work behaviour

Since the employees in a company belonging to different cultures and professional backgrounds, each one will have a certain and unique behavior at work. However, while conducting interviews it is important to know if the person has a common positive attitude towards work or not. The test allows understanding the focus of the employee and their personality as well. It provides the employer with the data which helps to understand how the employee would communicate and what will motivate them while working for the company. It would also help to know how they will respond to a particular situation at work.

Identifying the leadership skills

It’s not only useful in a normal interview but also a key selection mechanism while selecting leaders for the position. Psychometric tests are great to understand the leadership skills in a person, especially if they are being interviewed for a manager or higher position, where they will have to lead multiple employees. Not only that, even a normal employee that is hired and has gone through the Psychometric tests, will help in understanding if they have leadership skills or if they are better as a team player only. In the case of promotions to a higher position, these Psychometric test evaluations prove to be very useful.

General Intelligence, emotional stability, and attitude

It is one of the major aspects that is checked through Psychometric tests. Psychometric testing Australia helps not only to understand the attitude of the employee towards the work but also to know the general aptitude and measuring the intelligence level of the employee. The psychometric test includes question-related to common understanding and reasoning which can be resolved using quick thinking. It helps to understand how long will employee take before understanding the issue and taking the necessary steps to resolve it. It would also help in measuring the emotional intelligence of a candidate and how well they will be able to work with other employees in the company. It would provide the data on how the employee is able to communicate with others and how they can be approached for a project etc. It completes all the checks for general evaluation which would help in the hiring of the best employee for the role.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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