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Freedom to Choose: 9 in 10 Expats Want More Say on Benefits Package Inclusions with Over Half Keen to See More Well-Being Elements

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Aetna International has found that 88% of expats in key global markets want the choice to pick their employer healthcare package inclusions based on their lifestyles and health concerns, suggesting a desire for greater personalisation. 

With proactive self-care now a central part of expat lifestyles, those surveyed noted a desire for more holistic benefits that supported their well-being, mental and physical needs, alongside clinician-directed treatments. Over half (52%) stated that having tailored benefits featuring well-being elements was more important now than pre-pandemic.  

This demonstrates a desire for greater flexibility and choice. Allowing individuals to select the well-being benefits that suit their needs and lifestyle signals a move towards a more holistic approach to healthcare. The interest in having a greater choice of well-being benefits on offer as part of an employer healthcare package further suggests a growing desire for employers and employees to break down workplace taboos around managing stress and create an open forum of discussion around employee mental health 

Furthermore, Aetna’s latest survey revealed that a quarter (25%) of expats thought counselling and therapy sessions should be included in packages. Overall, this was the largest endorsement for any well-being offer surveyed respondents. Of the markets surveyed, counselling and therapy topped the inclusions list in the US and Singapore, ranked second in the UK and UAE, and fourth in Hong Kong. These findings underline a growing global recognition of the importance of mental health 

Fitness sessions and apps, life coaching and yoga and meditation sessions round out the top inclusions respondents were keen on. Mindfulness app subscriptions followed closely at six on the list, demonstrating an appetite for a more well-integrated healthy lifestyle offer. 

‘People are becoming more aware of all areas of their health. They understand that a healthy lifestyle amounts to more than just exercising and eating well and that each person is different. Mental health is growing in focus, and more people are learning how to manage it.’

‘There are plenty of tools available to help an individual with everything from mindfulness and sleep to calming and alleviating stress. We’re also observing that convenient access to these tools included as part of an employer’s benefits offer appears to be a growing priority for busy expats,’ said Dr Hemal Desai, Global Medical Director, Aetna International. 

Interestingly, 40% of expats surveyed ranked a healthcare benefits package as the most important job offer consideration, compared to 52% who stated salary. Though unsurprisingly, salary wins out, the gap between health and wealth is narrower than might have been expected.  

Aetna International offers expats comprehensive insurance policies that can guarantee individuals access to quality healthcare providers across destinations worldwide and provides its members with practical advice for moving abroad and access to mental health and well-being resources such as therapeutic counselling and mindfulness-based stress reduction services through their members Health Hub 

Aetna International also offers its members access to Five For Me, which includes bite-sized member health and well-being tips; Wysa, an AI-guided mental well-being app developed by leading clinicians; the 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme; and vHealth, a free telemedicine service that provides easy access to experienced doctors by telephone or video call. Here is the full finding of this survey and to find out more on the personalisation of employee benefits.  

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