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The Benefits of an Online Doctor and Costs of Telehealth Visits During Covid

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No one wants to go back to the days when it was arduous to receive an appointment at the doctor’s clinic. If you wanted an appointment, you had to call the clinic or hospital and stand in a long line waiting for your turn. For the same reason, several patients used to skip follow-up appointments with their doctors, but modern technology has improved that state. 

Nowadays, you do not necessarily need to wait in large queues or make a phone call. All you need is an internet connection to consult a BC family doctor online.

Benefits of scheduling a virtual doctor appointment?

If you are curious about the benefits of online medical consultation, here are the most prominent ones:

Make an appointment only when required

During an online consultation, a patient speaks directly with the doctor about their health concerns and fears. After the appointment, it is probable that the patient does not have a major underlying problem and can recover just by taking some precautions and following prescriptions.

In any instance, if the doctor suspects that the symptoms indicate a critical issue, he could ask the patient to meet with him in person. If this is the case, the patient will schedule an urgent visit to the hospital online. This process saves both the doctor and the patients’ time by letting them know about the core problem right away.

No need to preserve all your medical records

An online doctor consultation has the added benefit of preserving all of your medical records in digital format. Online services make it easy for patients to read their findings later. Additionally, if a patient sees the same doctor frequently, the doctor will have quick access to the digitally preserved records.

Interact from anywhere around the world

If you reside in a remote location, you may have to travel a considerable distance to see a doctor. Having the ability to speak with a doctor via the internet eliminates this issue. Online healthcare platforms allow patients to communicate with their doctors and discuss their concerns.

Receive 24×7 medical assistance

An online doctor appointment infuses in as the best way to receive immediate medical consultation when someone is unexpectedly unwell and in need of immediate medical attention. Doctors with extensive experience are only a few taps away.

When a patient feels a bit down and needs instant care, he no longer has to make an appointment with a doctor or linger in the waiting room.

A cost-efficient solution

Healthcare experts frequently charge a substantial consultation fee, and patients must travel to the clinic or hospital, both of which cost time, energy, and money. However, with the availability of procedural telemedicine services for a doctor consultation, individuals can receive medical advice from the convenience of their own homes.

Seek medical attention promptly

There is no need to sit in a clinic waiting room. With virtual doctor appointments, you only have to choose a time, and an expert medical professional will be around to help you.

Consultations could be accomplished through smartphones, calls, or video conferencing. Patients can get the best medical care, even if they do not have time to see a doctor, because doctors are always available when they need them.

Cost of telehealth services

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, some people with health insurance are paying more for virtual medical visits. Numerous large insurance companies have changed their telehealth policy, betokening that cost sharing is no longer waived for certain sessions. Non-coronavirus visits and persons not covered by Medicare, being the most affected by the new rules.

A change in insurance coverage was made in October 2020 for Anthem plan holders when the carrier started waiving expenses for telehealth visits other than Covid consultations.

It is imperative to speak with your insurance provider before scheduling a virtual appointment to be sure everything is evident. Patients must verify if the practitioner they are visiting is in-network and validate what their insurance plan covers concerning telehealth services, as some have varying restrictions for video and phone appointments.

They should also inquire about the costs affiliated with the virtual appointment and whether or not it counts toward their deductibles if there is one. Thus, it is critical to double-check this information before your visit because healthcare providers and insurers are not always clear on this aspect.


Telemedicine has been around for a long time, but it has exploded in popularity since the Covid pandemic. Technology can enhance the quality of healthcare services and make them more readily available to a more extensive array of people.

Telehealth has the potential to improve the healthcare infrastructure, efficiency, coordination, and accessibility of health care by bringing it closer to the patient’s home. While telehealth research is still in its infancy, it is expanding rapidly. The use of telemedicine does not replace face-to-face consultations, but it can surely improve patient care.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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