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The Benefits of Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Partner for 2024

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Looking to brighten your love life as you step into the New Year? You’re not alone, and your resolutions could be the answer. Research shows that 30 million Brits planned to make a resolution stepping into 2023, and with the tradition holding strong, you could be using it to bring you and your partner that bit closer this year.

Katie Livingstone-Evans Lowes, weddings and events coordinator at Langley Castle, a North East wedding venue, says: “The festive period can be such a busy time; it is easy to feel a bit separate from your partner when you’re so busy with friends and family. This is why finding ways and space to connect, including making New Year’s resolutions together, is so important for building a stronger relationship.”

Resolutions can strengthen your relationship

Resolutions have many benefits, including making you reflect on your year and bringing a bit of hope into the next year as you plan ahead. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or learn a new skill, resolutions don’t have to be done alone. In fact, relationship experts actually recommend diving into this tradition together to strengthen your relationship.

Georgina Sturmer, counsellor, MBACP, says: “When we make shared decisions or plans, it tells us something about how we feel about our relationship. It’s a signal that we are committed to each other. It shows us that we like the idea of being accountable to each other and playing a role to motivate each other.”

Resolutions can also be useful to let you know your partner a bit better. Listening to what they have to say, where they want to change, and who they want to be in the coming year can all give you a deeper insight into your loved one, whether you’ve been together for a few months or years.

Georgina continues: “Remember that none of us are mind readers. If you’ve been together for a while, you might feel as if you can predict what each other might choose as a resolution. But if you spend some time really reflecting on this and listening to each other, you might be in for a surprise.

“Think about activities that will encourage you to spend time together. It might be a renewed commitment to something that you already do, introducing your partner to something that one of you enjoys, or starting something entirely new.

“Consider resolutions that focus on your relationship. What could make you feel even more connected and committed to each other? Maybe it’s about spending less time staring at a screen, dedicating time to a ‘date night’, or playing a more active role in household chores.”

The resolutions you should try for 2024

Actually sticking to your resolutions is only half the battle; creating something that both you and your partner want to stick to is the first step.

Alice Bargh, matchmaker at Bond the Agency, recommends a few resolutions for you to try:

  • Try a digital detox. Commit to spending more quality time together by reducing screen time. Designate certain hours or days for technology-free activities and focus on connecting with each other.
  • Pick up a new hobby or skill that you can both enjoy. This can be cooking, dancing, painting, or learning a new language. The process of learning together can be a bonding experience. Or you can make a commitment to have regular date nights, whether it’s weekly or monthly. This dedicated time for just the two of you can help maintain the romantic spark in your relationship.
  • Make them realistic and achievable. It’s important to set goals that you both genuinely want to work towards and that are in line with your individual and collective values.
  • Try relationship hacks. To improve intimacy in your relationship, you can also try relationship hacks such as the six-second kiss from @afinehuman. This TikTok viral smooch is famous for connecting you with your partner again. Make it a resolution to kiss each other at least once a day, for six seconds, which is long enough to provide an intimate, true connection for a small dose of daily love.

New Year’s resolutions always come with the stress of actually having to complete them. But by joining forces with your other half, you can enter the New Year with a bit more hope, excitement, and love.

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