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Top 5 Benefits of Locum Dentist Work

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Locum dental work can provide an ideal option to many dental professionals at varying stages of their careers. Whether looking for enhanced job flexibility, to gain further experience in a new location or simply wishing to take on a few extra shifts, locum work can bring substantial benefits to individuals. 

Many people are suited to locum work, including those between permanent positions, those in part-time employment, or those who decide to undertake postgraduate training and wish to work around their studies. It is a great way to experience different methods of working and could open doors to future positions. Individuals can earn while they boost their CVs, especially if they want to develop their career in a certain direction and are looking for some more hands-on experience in that area. Plus there is a unique opportunity to transmit innovation between practices and pick up tips as to what works and what doesn’t. 

What is a locum?

The Latin phrase locum tenens means ‘placeholder’ or ‘substitute’. A locum or temporary is a medical professional who uses his or her skills to help underserved communities or fill in for professionals on holiday or maternity or medical leave. Locuming is an established practice with doctors and nurses, and is a fast-growing career choice for dentists and dental hygienists.

Here are top five benefits of locum dentist work:


One of the benefits of taking on short-term locum dentist work through a certified dental nurse agency, is the ability to pick and choose locations to suit you. This could be mean working within a certain distance of your home or travelling to new and exciting places.

This flexibility is great for fitting around your other commitments and ensures that you are happier in the workplace. Locum dentists are supplied to the NHS, ministry of defence, private sector and HM Prison Service, giving you an even greater choice of locations. With support along the way you can decide to stick with an environment with which you are familiar or try a new setting which could open up new career avenues to you.

Working patterns

With a regular flow of new work there is plenty of demand for high-calibre dentists looking for new opportunities. This means there is flexibility with shifts and working hours, allowing you to pick times you prefer.

The freedom to work when and where you want is one of the main factors to consider when deciding whether to become a locum dentist and many prefer to be able to take control of their working hours, allowing them to better plan their personal time.


Taking on locum dentist jobs also offers not only excellent pay rates but a lucrative referral bonus as some of its added attractions. So whether you are after short-term one day positions or year-long contracts you can look forward to being well-rewarded with higher rates of pay and a significant demand for your services.


For anyone with extensive experience as a dentist you will know there is a great demand within the profession for committed healthcare professionals with a high calibre of skills. Locum dentists can help to meet this demand as and where it arises. This can mean taking on long-term contracts to fulfil a shortage of dentists or using short-term positions to assist in filling gaps in surgeries, hospitals and other dental settings around the country.

Continuity of care

Finding a locum that works well with your team and practice is beneficial to the continuity of care with patients. Dentists work in six-month cycles. Even one week without patient diagnosis can have consequences in your schedule and your patient health outcomes for the next two to three cycles. Inviting a locum to cover your leave ensures patients are cared for while you are away.

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