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The Benefits of Enroling in a Psychology Summer Programme

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The well-known saying “the early bird catches the worm” comes to mind here. It’s never too early to invest in your future, connect with like-minded people and lay a solid foundation for your subsequent endeavours in the field of psychology. Whether the goal is to become a social worker, a registered psychologist or a psychiatric nurse, academic summer camps are sure to help you make a sound decision and move in the right direction. The opportunity to get a glimpse into university life at Berkley, Yale or UCLA is nothing short of incredible; get a head-start and dive into the world of psychology.

A summer of learning and connection

If you know that psychology is what interests you, but the exact path or study programme isn’t clear, it’s a fantastic idea to get the ball rolling; this will ensure that you won’t be overwhelmed when the day does come for you to start university. There are a multitude of psychology programmes for high school students that will act as a tool and cornerstone of their tertiary education. While lazing about and lying at the pool for the entire summer do sound inviting, wouldn’t it be better to incorporate at least a few weeks of learning, not least so that you don’t get out of the swing of things? The feeling of having “earned” a break sure does surpass the effort that psychology summer programmes will take.

Entering a psychology study programme for one or two weeks in the summertime isn’t just about learning and getting ahead in your future career, you will also get the valuable opportunity to network and connect with other students who have similar interests and pick their brains about how they see and plan to materialise their futures, ensuring that you won’t feel alone or out of place when it comes to selecting your desired university.

Combine a study programme with travel

It’s very clear that travelling improves not only your geography skills but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and independence. There are a number of countries you could travel to and delve into, but the best psychology summer programmes for high school students can be found in the US, UK, Switzerland, and Australia. If parents aren’t sure about letting their teens travel alone, why not make it a family affair and join your kids on a stunning experience that the whole family is sure to remember for years to come?

While the study material and learning scope will add to your child’s repertoire, there’s more to it than just studying. Experiencing new places, cultures and ways of living is something that can’t be quantified; the growth that people who are fortunate enough to travel experience is a gift that will accompany them throughout their lives and won’t be easily forgotten.

Cementing decisions before university starts

There is nothing better than making a good decision based not only on facts and figures but also on personal experience. When students get the opportunity to enjoy a sneak peek into fields such as criminal and forensic psychology, neuroscience and the psychology of human behaviour, it gives them a taste of which area of education they’d like to further explore and learn about when the time comes to enrol at university. While the study programmes do cost slightly more than a simple beach holiday, in the long term, the choice to sign up for a summer programme in psychology will pay off tenfold, as the chances of your child changing majors or even dropping out on account of not enjoying the chosen course are lower. Preparation is key here and the best way to prepare your child for what’s to come is to make the best decision for their future.

Spoilt for choice

From diving into human behaviour at UCLA to engaging in psychological discussions and enjoying interactive activities, the choice to sign up for a summer programme in beautiful Los Angeles isn’t a tough one. Students are provided with premium accommodation to get that authentic university-life experience, and can also improve their physical fitness at sports and athletic facilities; there’s nothing quite like a workout to get those endorphins flowing. Another option: visit the Bay Area campus of Berkley University, that’s going to set the stage for two weeks in June and July for teens to partake in experiments and unravel the human mind. Learn, live and create lasting memories at Berkley.

How about spending two weeks at the renowned Yale University exploring the intricacies of the human psyche? Take part in hands-on neurology workshops and speak to and engage with esteemed professionals. Or how about going downunder? Uncover the mysteries of psychology in Australia, at the Sydney University programme, where you can learn about behavioural genetics and cognitive psychology.

With so many amazing psychology programmes to choose from, it may be tough to select the exact destination and institution, but the decision to enrol your child and give them the absolute best start in the world of psychology, is an easy one. Be part of a rich learning journey and make memories that you’ll never forget.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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