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Benefits of Buying Weed Online in Canada

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A lot has changed since cannabis was first made legal for recreational and medicinal-use in Canada on 17 October 2018. During the early stages of legalisation, consumers only had access to purchase their marijuana through government regulated stores such as the BC Cannabis Store. Flash forward to today’s world and buying weed has become evidently more convenient and efficient for consumers following the boom of online dispensaries. Users now have more control over which retailers to purchase their products from and the ability to browse through hundreds of products throughout countless websites. What was once a dreaded commute to the local dispensary has become as simple as just a few clicks.

Online dispensaries have become increasingly popular as more and more Canadians opt to buy mail order marijuana in Canada opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. In today’s article, we will explore the reasons behind why Canadians have been turning towards online stores for weed purchases with a focus on the benefits that may be offered by such businesses. 

Online dispensaries have gained popularity in recent years for similar reasons e-commerce giants such as Amazon have become popular. Efficiency, affordability and most significantly, it’s incredibly convenient! Who wouldn’t want to do all of their shopping from the comfort of their own home? 

So what are the advantages of purchasing weed online?


The main reason why so many cannabis users prefer to shop through online dispensaries is because they are extremely convenient. Not only do we have the ability to purchase marijuana at any time, anywhere, but we also get to skip out on the traffic and save our precious time. This is a complete game changer for citizens of smaller cities that don’t have access to high-quality marijuana. All it takes is a simple google search, select your desired products, make your payment and voila, within a few days your products will be at your doorsteps. That definitely beats dealing with long queues at the store just to find out your favourite product is out of stock.


When it comes to traditional storefront dispensaries, you might commute all the way there just to find your favourite products are no longer in stock. This isn’t such a big deal when you shop online. Can’t find a particular product or brand on one website? Well luckily for you, there are hundreds of other online dispensaries that may carry it and all it takes is a google search.

Additionally, you have access to past customer reviews and expert input. When contemplating trying out a new product for the first time you can get a clear understanding of exactly what to expect and other consumers’ experiences with the product. 


With storefront dispensaries, operational costs and overhead fees are typically much higher than their online counterparts. They have to spend additional money on store attendants, interior decor and extra security, which are transferred into the price of their products. On the other hand, online retailers with low operation costs allow them to offer premium products at a discounted rate. With this in mind, many online retailers offer customers various money saving promos such as coupons, complimentary gifts, welcome bonuses and many more.   


Online retailers offer a high level of personal privacy for their customers which is another attractive feature of buying weed online. Unlike in-store dispensaries, you don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone you know or explaining yourself to anyone. For new users, in-store dispensaries can be quite intimidating with all of the different forms of cannabis products and you may feel self-conscious asking certain questions. However, when shopping online you can ask whatever questions you want without feeling embarrassed or judged. No one will know that you use marijuana when you shop through online dispensaries. This makes it a great option for people who are new to using marijuana and want to keep their personal information private.

Closing thoughts

Overall, buying weed online in Canada offers a variety of benefits that are worth considering for anyone looking for a convenient and discreet way to purchase cannabis products. If you’re comfortable with waiting a few days for your products to arrive, then an online dispensary may be the perfect option for you. Have you tried purchasing cannabis products from an online dispensary? What was your experience like?

Helen Baumeister did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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