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Behavioural Analysis Week Online 2020

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Join ‘live’ online presentations exploring how hostile or criminal intent can be identified through the observation of behavioural indicators and the use of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques.

While the first half of 2020 presented a very unique set of challenges for most industries, in many locations around the world, we are starting to see a return to normality: transport networks, including aviation hubs, are planning for a resumption of services, shopping centres are re-opening, sports competitions are being resuscitated and restrictions on everyday movement and activities are gradually being lifted.

While these are all things to be celebrated, we must not forget that the threats we were concerned about pre-COVID-19 have not disappeared; in fact, as they begin to resume normal operations, the threat to transportation networks, sporting, music and other large-scale entertainment venues, retail parks, hotels, museums, tourist attractions and crowded spaces will be even more complex and diverse than before.

Accordingly, the security industry needs to evolve to protect itself from terrorist, criminal and other forms of attack. Those working in the industry must acquire the necessary skill sets to detect the subtle signs of negative intent and learn how to deal with the threat accordingly.

In line with previous events, the third edition of the conference will deliver practical insights into the behavioural analysis techniques used to identify individuals with negative intent. It will allow delegates to develop their knowledge of behavioural analysis through presentations from the leading experts in the security industry. After taking place at the Welsh national rugby stadium (the Principality Stadium) in 2018 and the largest retail and entertainment complex in the United States (Mall of America) in 2019, Behavioural Analysis 2020 will adapt to the challenges posed by COVID-19 by becoming an entirely virtual event. Far from viewing this as a limitation, Green Light is excited about the new opportunities this alternative platform will offer. In particular, we hope the lower costs and level of commitment involved mean many more delegates (and speakers!) will be able to participate. In fact, our new programme of diverse and engaging presentations has been designed to accommodate the schedules of delegates participating from all around the globe.

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of behavioural detection techniques from leading experts in the security industry
  • Receive an in-depth update on the latest technologies that can help identify individuals with negative intent
  • Learn how the practice of behavioural detection can be applied across different industries
  • Improve the communication and questioning skills of your staff
  • See how approaches proven to be successful in mitigating acts of petty crime and/or deviant behaviour can also serve counter-terrorist operations
  • Develop strategies for the identification of insider threats
  • Improve the security of your organisation, while also protecting it more cost-effectively


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