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Begin Your Healing Journey with ‘The Healing Workbook’ by Amanda Marples

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The journey to healing from trauma can often be a challenging and emotional process. Amanda Marples, an experienced social worker, has authored a comprehensive guide to help individuals navigate the complexities of their healing journey.

In her new book, The Healing Workbook, Marples employs cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to provide readers with the tools necessary for recovery from various types of trauma. By creating a safe and supportive space, this workbook empowers readers to take control of their own healing process and regain their sense of well-being.

Trauma may seem like a daunting word, but it can cover many distressing events – from negative childhood experiences to the ordeal of living through a pandemic. It is often the source of our fears and anxieties, and it can affect the way we live our lives. 

The Healing Workbook contains clear explanations, practical advice, and guided exercises based on trusted cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to help you begin the process of recovery from trauma. Within these pages, you will find support and encouragement as you begin to come to terms with the past and find your way back to yourself, your values and a life where you can flourish and thrive. 

Use the workbook either on its own or alongside therapy to help you work through your trauma and find a sense of peace and healing. 

Inside the book, you will find: 

  • A relaxed and supportive approach, allowing you to calmly complete the exercises at  your own pace 
  • A hands-on attitude towards understanding your trauma, offering a wealth of tips and  advice for working through your worries 
  • Clear and actionable advice on making lifestyle changes to support and improve your  mental well-being 
  • Exercises grounded in research-supported CBT techniques 

Amanda Marples is a social worker with 20 years of experience in community mental health, including extensive work with trauma survivors. Amanda is also a writer and has been featured in a number of publications. She is the creator of Reconcile Creative, a mentoring service for neurodiverse writers in the hope that she can help to level the writing and publishing playing field. This is a subject close to her heart since Amanda, her partner and her two children, are all neurodiverse in one way or another. It’s chaos most days, but she wouldn’t change it even if she could. 

The Healing Workbook by Amanda Marples is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to recover from trauma and rebuild their life. With its research-supported CBT techniques, practical advice, and empathetic approach, this workbook is a vital companion for those seeking to understand and heal from their traumatic experiences. Whether used independently or alongside therapy, The Healing Workbook is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of overcoming even the most difficult of challenges. Begin your healing journey today with this essential guide to recovery, growth, and self-discovery.

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