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Beducated Offers Relationship Survival Tips, Other ideas for Holiday Harmony

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Beducated, the world’s largest digital sex education platform for adults, is offering essential tips for navigating the myriad relationship challenges the holiday season often brings. The company offers insights and strategies to combat the loneliness often felt during this Christmas season.

Whether it’s navigating diverse family dynamics, traditions, and commitments, gift-giving tensions, or conflicting plans and responsibilities, Beducated CEO Mariah Freya says that “the holiday season is special for couples, but it also has its challenges, so balancing your love and holiday traditions is important.”

Freya advises couples to minimise holiday friction with tips such as:

  • Prioritising and sharing responsibilities. Couples can reduce stress by dividing tasks and prioritising what’s most important.
  • Emphasising open communication. Honest and open dialogue about expectations and concerns is crucial for relationship health. It’s important to talk openly about each other’s needs.
  • Practising self-care and date nights in busy times. Engaging in self-care routines and special date nights is important to strengthen the bond and help navigate a stressful time.

Freya also advises approaching the season by embracing traditional family customs and setting expectations to help keep the peace. “It’s a good time to make new memories and respect each other’s ways.”

Often a time for personal reflection, the holidays can stir up feelings of sadness and longing, with a key indicator of relationship envy that includes comparing one’s single status with others’ romantic relationships.

“The holiday season can often amplify our longing for romantic connections, but it’s crucial to recognise and appreciate the relationships we currently have,” says Freya. “It’s normal to feel relationship envy, especially with the idealised portrayals of romance during Christmas.”

Freya advises envious singles to focus on the positives:

  • Appreciate current relationships. Focus mindfully on the beauty and value of existing relationships, be they with friends, family, or oneself.
  • Analyse and understand feelings. Examine the reasons behind envy to determine if they stem from genuine needs or external pressures.
  • Seek support and open communication. Talking about feelings with friends or a therapist can be beneficial for addressing and overcoming envy.

Freya adds: “Opening up about our emotions, even envy, is important. It’s okay to seek support from friends or professionals to navigate these complex feelings during the holidays. It’s important to understand these feelings and not let them overshadow the joy of the season.”

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Founded by Mariah Freya and Phil Steinweber in 2018, Beducated began as a “Netflix for sexual education,” offering online access to sex and sexuality master classes via subscription. Their latest venture, the AI Sex Coach, is a comprehensive ‘intimacy assistant’ that provides detailed advice on sex and relationships, leveraging extensive training from thousands of sex education lessons and materials to foster an environment of shame-free sexual exploration.

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