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Beducated Founder Mariah Freya Shares Expert Tips for Achieving a Hands-Free Orgasm

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Mariah Freya, a sex education expert and the founder of leading digital sex-ed service Beducated, offers valuable insights into achieving out-of-this-world hands-free orgasms.

Beducated is the biggest pleasure-based sex education platform on the internet, with 100+ courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration. The library hosts thousands of lessons and extensive learning materials curated by world-class sex educators, coaches, and experts.

Freya explains that touch-free stimulation – a climax without using hands for stimulation, can be achieved through a variety of techniques and methods.

Here are Freya’s top tips for exploring this type of orgasm:

  • Mental stimulation. Engaging in vivid fantasies or erotic storytelling can heighten mental arousal and lead to orgasm without physical touch. “your mind is a powerful tool for sexual pleasure.
  • Pelvic floor exercises. Both men and women can benefit from kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and can trigger spontaneous orgasms. These exercises can increase arousal and stimulate the genitals effectively.
  • Breathwork and energy play. Deep breathing exercises and visualising energy flow through your body can build arousal. Syncing your breath with your partner’s or focusing on your own breath can lead to profound pleasure.
  • Sensory stimulation. Using feathers, ice cubes, or silk to stimulate the body can evoke strong sensations and lead to orgasm. Experiment with different sensory objects to find what excites you the most.
  • Sex toys. Certain toys, like c-shape vibrators or remote-controlled devices, can be used hands-free. “these tools can provide intense stimulation without manual intervention.

Freya emphasises that achieving a hands-free orgasm is about self-exploration and finding what works best for your body. “Everyone’s sexual response is unique, and it’s important to approach this with curiosity and an open mind to discover new dimensions of pleasure.”

“Orgasms are so vital in living a beautiful and healthy life. The benefits include putting oneself in a better mood, improving sleep, strengthening the pelvic floor, relieving pain, and boosting heart health.  With a proper diet and exercise, having wonderful orgasms add to living the most wonderful life possible.

“Never forget: Orgasms feel amazing!”

Founded by Mariah Freya and Phil Steinweber in 2018, Beducated began as a “Netflix for sexual education”, offering online access to sex and sexuality master classes via subscription. Their latest venture, the AI Sex Coach, is a comprehensive ‘intimacy assistant’ that provides detailed advice on sex and relationships, leveraging extensive training from thousands of sex education lessons and materials to foster an environment of shame-free sexual exploration. 

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