Become Smartyr Not a Martyr: Learn to Self-Hypnotise in 20 Minutes and Banish the Victim Mindset

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Two of the UK’s most prolific psychotherapists have joined forces to pen a groundbreaking new book about self-psychology.

Become Smartyr not a Martyr by Deborah Kerr and Riz Virdee incorporates psycho-education and read-aloud self-hypnosis, giving the reader the tools needed to self-hypnotise in 20 minutes and banish the victim mindset for real progress.

Following the success of their joint YouTube channel, Psychopedia Life, and their clinical practices in London, in their new book Deborah and Riz author a book that brings together their collective knowledge and over 40 year’s experience in the field. The authors were inspired to take their expertise out of the consulting room and onto the page in order to reach more people after recognising that the victim mindset is rapidly becoming prevalent in modern society.

Across its 290 pages, Become Smartyr not a Martyr encourages the reader to move away from denial and self-destructive coping mechanisms towards positive change and improved mental health.

Shaun Brookhouse, MA and honorary fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, wrote the foreword for the book. He said: ‘Through the pages of this book and exercises included, the reader is given the opportunity to become aware of their own capacity to be the hero of their life and to choose not to have to be in the role of a victim.

‘It gives the reader the much-needed direction for them to take the control of their own narrative and begin to reassess their life and life purpose. This book is a much-needed volume in the self-help library in that I believe that it not only discusses the benefits of taking charge of one’s own mental state, but it also gives exercises and tools to make that a reality.’

Readers can expect to begin with a questionnaire to determine suitability, before progressing through subsequent chapters that tackle the role of the martyr, the impact of childhood experiences, how we relate to ourselves and others, personal growth, and intrinsic change.

Deborah and Rizwana motivate readers to invest in their human potential and develop their own self-mastery with read-aloud self-hypnosis scripts specially designed for positive, sustainable intrinsic change. There’s also guidance on preparing for self-hypnosis and tips for reading the scripts out loud as well as space for journaling and reflections.

Become Smartyr not a Martyr is published by Balboa Press and available in paperback and hardcover. To find out more, visit their website. You can find additional information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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