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Beautyforever Hair: Best Women Wigs for Different Face Shapes

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Choosing the right wig is important to enhance your natural beauty and create a harmonious balance with your face shape. Different face shapes require different wig styles to accentuate your features and create a flattering look. In this article, we’ll provide expert advice on the best women’s wigs for different face shapes, including colored lace front wigs and trendy 13×4 inch hair wigs.

Oval face shape

The oval face shape is considered the most versatile, as it has balanced proportions and can pull off a variety of wig styles. Women with an oval face shape can experiment with different lengths and textures. However, to maintain a natural balance, mid-length wigs that fall around the shoulders or slightly below are recommended. Coloured lace front wigs can add vibrancy to your look, allowing you to express your personality.

Round face shape

For people with a round face, the goal is to create the illusion of length and reduce roundness. The best wig styles for round faces are those that add height and volume to the crown while sleeking the sides and framing the face. Layered wigs that fall below the chin or shoulder-length wigs with side parts work well. These styles help to elongate the face and make the jaw more defined. Coloured lace front wigs can add a playful touch to your overall look.

Square face shape

A square face is characterised by a strong jawline and a broad forehead. Ideal wig styles for square faces soften the angles and add some femininity. Wigs with soft layers, light curls, or waves help create a softer look. Choose a wig that is just below the chin or longer to add length to the face. A coloured lace front wig can be used to add dimension and interest to the overall look.

Heart face shape

A heart-shaped face usually has a broad forehead and a narrow chin. The goal is to balance the proportions by adding volume around the chin. Short bob wigs that sit just below the chin or chin-length wigs with layers and bangs work well for heart-shaped faces. Layers and bangs help create the illusion of a wider chin and add fullness to the lower face. Coloured lace front wigs can add playfulness and individuality to your hairstyle.

Diamond face shape

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and chin with broad cheekbones. The key is to soften the angles and balance the proportions. Wigs with textured layers and volume at the crown can create a more balanced look. Medium length wigs that are just below the shoulders or longer are ideal. Coloured lace front wigs can be used to highlight texture and add a modern twist to your hairstyle.

Finally, choosing the right wig for your face shape can make a significant difference in enhancing your natural beauty. For oval faces, embrace versatility and experiment with different lengths and textures. For round faces, choose a layered wig with length and 13×4 inches of hair. Square faces benefit from softening the angles with soft curls or waves. Heart-shaped faces can be balanced with chin-length wigs and bangs. Diamond faces can be enhanced with textured layers and volume. Don’t be afraid to look for coloured lace front wigs to add vibrancy and personality to your look. By considering your face shape and incorporating these expert tips, you can confidently choose the perfect women’s wig that enhances your features and complements your individual style.


Choosing the right human hair wig can significantly affect your self-esteem, allowing you to adapt to your changing appearance while maintaining your personal style. Beautyforever Hair offers a wide range of high quality 13×4 and coloured lace front wigs that cater specifically to the needs of older women.

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