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The Beauty of Taking a Course in Psychology

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Psychology has room for everyone. It accommodates those who appreciate concepts like Freud’s principles and those who want nothing to do with such things. Students don’t necessarily have to learn about hypnosis or start their own clinics after school. This is because psychology has many branches.

For instance, you could study educational psychology, sports psychology, forensic psychology, child and adolescent psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, or organisational psychology.  This means that you can work in any industry based on your chosen area of specialisation.

Why study psychology?

Psychology will take you on a journey of self-awareness. This will happen as you learn about human beings in terms of personality traits and human development. You could also become more aware of who you are when you finally discover the connection between culture and human behavior. As you will realize, a journey to understanding everything about human psychology begins with you gaining an in-depth understanding of who you are as an individual. The numerous concepts used in psychology will help you in this journey of self-discovery and awareness.

Psychology will make you appreciate the value of science in human life. As you already know, psychology is far from being a form of magic. Instead, it relies on different scientific procedures. In fact, most of the issues you encounter will have to be solved through scientific research. Psychology also gives you critical thinking skills as you develop a greater urge to understand why people behave the way they do. You stop believing in your own understanding and instead incorporate the help of scientific data for a better understanding of different issues.

Psychology helps you appreciate the different stages of human development. You get to learn how human beings develop from childhood to adulthood. With this, you will easily understand and explain how a particular stage or stages in life influence an individual’s life. With such information, you could narrow your interest to one group, like children, and help them with challenges faced by those in the age group. 

You will have a better perspective on mental illness. As you will discover, there are many false myths about mental illness. Some of the things you will learn are in regard to the nature of mental health. For example, you will understand the difference that exists between a disease, disorder, and syndrome. You will discover that medications alone don’t cure some of the existing mental health challenges.  Some drugs are only meant to manage the conditions rather than curing them. You will also learn how complex it is to diagnose a mental disorder and the challenges brought about by conditions like schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

Psychology allows you to become a more effective communicator. You develop a deeper understanding of the person talking to you. You become more aware of their body language and temperaments.  Perhaps, you even learn to tolerate some of their foolishness and exercise a little bit more patient when they become difficult to work with. The beauty in this is that you are able to form strong relationships with family members and strangers who you would otherwise have a challenge relating to.  This is an admirable virtue. 

Psychology complements other disciplines. This is why some students take a double major in Psychology and courses like Marketing, Advertising, and Human Resource Management. Those in business-related careers love Psychology as it allows them to understand their clients.

For instance, an advertiser or marketer would use his or her knowledge in psychology to understand consumer purchasing behaviours. A human resource manager could also use knowledge in Psychology to understand how to manage employees. In short, any profession that involves human interactions requires psychology.  

Overcoming challenges

Psychology, like any other discipline, is not devoid of challenges. For instance, the numerous concepts taught in this discipline are, at times, very overwhelming. This is especially true for anyone taking a double major in psychology and any other discipline. However, students can overcome the challenges by adequately planning their studies.

Spending more time on classwork or seeking the services of write my essay online services are some of the strategies that have worked out for many students.  Fortunately, you being a psychology student means that you will understand how the brain operates and adopt the right measure to relieve it of any stress. 

Another beauty of being a psychology student is also the fact that you get to experiment with your own body. For instance, stressful moments can help you understand how it feels to be stressed up with school and non-school work. As was mentioned, psychology makes you more self-conscious.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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