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Beautiful Bedroom Sets for Less

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Bedrooms are places of calm and relaxation. When it’s time for new furniture because you’ve recently moved or are in the mood to redecorate, you should find the perfect balance between style and function. Your bedroom should enhance your lifestyle and reflect your tastes. 

Since this space is personal, feel free to make the layout work for you. If you enjoy watching television in bed, then a tv stand that serves as a dresser is a perfect choice. Make sure to place the bed where watching tv won’t strain your neck or back. 

If you like to do yoga or meditate in the mornings, find a space for laying down a mat. If you use your bedroom as a part-time office space, take measurements and find a desk that works for the space. Take time and draw a floor plan so that you find the best arrangement for the pieces. 

Your bed is the center of the space and should be comfortable, functional, and stylish. If you play games on your tablet or watch movies on your laptop, a bed frame with USB chargers is useful. 

The design should be inviting and reveal your unique style. Do you have the ceiling space for the canopy bed you’ve always wanted? Or would you rather have a sleek sleigh bed? If you choose to have a headboard, consider the size and the statement it makes in the room. You don’t want one that overwhelms the other pieces, but the design should draw your attention.

The mattress is the key to your comfort. With all of the different options, it isn’t easy to know where to start. Begin by asking if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. Back sleepers prefer medium-firm mattresses because they minimize back tension. A side sleeper needs relief for their large joints, the hips, and shoulders, so soft mattresses are appropriate choices. Stomach sleepers should look to something firmer. Keeping the hips and shoulders aligned will help to avoid backaches. 

What about the mattress type? Hybrid mattresses have a combination of foam and coils that offer levels of support. Memory foam contours to your body and relieves joint pain and pressure. Think about your current mattress and the issues you have now. Your new mattress should alleviate or eliminate those problems to provide a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Flooring is another area where style and function should meet. If you have wood floors, placing a rug beside the bed will protect your feet from the cold hard surface in the morning. 

If the room is for someone else, consider how they will use the space and what style functions best for them. Whoever you are shopping for, 1Stop Bedrooms is sure to have the set you want at the right price. Take advantage of the thirty-six months of financing and free shipping.

Their low-cost guarantee ensures competitors will not beat them. 

Knowledgeable designers are available to answer your questions and help you. To get bedroom sets for less click here.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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