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Beat the Heatwave with Sleep Expert’s Top Tips for Snoozing Soundly During the Hotter Nights

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After what seems like an entire summer filled with rain, experts are now predicting that Brits are set to experience a three-day 32C heatwave, just in time for the bank holiday.

With the scorching heat on its way from North Africa, James Higgins, a sleep specialist and CEO of Ethical Bedding, the UK’s only BCorp-accredited sustainable bedding company, has provided some top tips on how you can sleep soundly while the temperature is soaring.

James Higgins, sleep specialist and CEO of Ethical Bedding, said: “How you sleep can significantly influence your body, both physically and mentally. A night of poor sleep can disrupt your entire day, so it’s wise to prepare for the best chance at a good night’s rest.”

Tips to help you sleep well during the heatwave

Stay hydrated

Here’s an obvious one: stay hydrated throughout the day. But remember, avoid excessive drinking right before bed. Drinking too much before sleep can make your body produce more heat as it processes the liquids. This could work against your efforts to keep your sleep environment cool.

Limit electronic devices

While late-night Netflix binges are tempting, limiting electronic device usage before bedtime is best. These devices can give off heat and disrupt your sleep.

Keep your room dark throughout the day

Use heavy curtains to block any lights from windows during the day. Heat transfers through the windows and can build up during the day, so it’s a good idea to keep the curtains/blind down.

This will help control the temperature of your room between 15.6 to 19.4 °C (60 to 67 °F). It varies depending on the individual, but most doctors recommend this as the best temperature for sleeping.

Opt for eucalyptus, bamboo or silk bedding as they are hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature-regulating materials

Bed sheets made with eucalyptus wood, bamboo, or silk are all very breathable fabrics, whereas cotton tends to retain moisture and heat. When you become too hot, it can disturb your sleeping patterns and make you feel drowsy, so picking a body-regulating fabric is important.

Don’t open your windows 

It would seem a given to open your windows when it’s warm, but when it’s hot outside, it will allow a lot of the air to just come into the house and cause a stuffy raised temperature. If you do require some natural airflow, then try just cracking them ever so slightly for a short period of time.

Elevate your feet

It may look odd, but elevating your feet can slightly help improve circulation and promote better airflow around your body.

Chill your socks 

Your feet contain many nerve endings for your body, so cooling your feet can lower the overall temperature of your body. Try putting your socks in the fridge and wearing them before bed to keep you cool.

Keep your hands and feet out of the duvets

Keep your hands and feet outside the duvet, as they will keep your overall body temperature down. In the deep stages of your sleep, your body will naturally cool, so you may eventually want to tuck your feet and hands back in. Just ensure you check for monsters under the bed first.

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