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Ways to Beat Your Depression Effectively 

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Depression is hard to talk about and even harder to overcome. That overwhelming sense of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness that comes with depression can affect anyone at any time for a huge number of reasons. 

When you do experience depression, it can be hard to know where to turn and what to do, you obviously want to feel better, but where are you supposed to begin? Overcoming something as serious as depression isn’t taught to us at school or by our parents, so it’s understandable to feel like you don’t know what your next steps should be. However, below, we have put together some of the best steps for you, to help you forge ahead and overcome your dark days.

Figure out the cause

In order to even start to overcome these feelings, you need to figure out the root cause. To be honest, this might not always be easy, with so much stress in our lives, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what is actually making you feel this way. 

However, there will usually be the main trigger for you, perhaps it’s problems in your romantic relationship, issues at work, fights within your own family, the death of a loved one, or even something like low self-esteem can cause serious depression. Take the time to dig deep, and figure out what’s causing it.

Speak to yourself and try to find the solution

Now, this may seem like it will never work, but it might just be easier than you think. Sometimes, we need to have a good talking to in our own head, talk to yourself about what’s going on, pretend you’re having a conversation with a friend if it helps, you might just get some clarity on the situation by talking it through to yourself first.

Speak with loved ones

It’s not always easy opening up to friend and family about mental health problems, but you might just be surprised at how much it can help. Your loved ones will always want to support you, be there for you, and want the best for you, so it’s worth opening up to those you can trust.

Make friends in online support groups

Online support groups are a fantastic way to get to speak to people who are going through the same. Speaking to people on the same page as us can really help us begin to understand the problems and start to get better. Of course, with anyone online, you’ll want to know more about them to safe and know who you’re talking to, that’s where Spokeo can help. 

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup tool that can show you information on people in seconds. Just input a phone number in the phone number search, or use the email lookup tool and carry out an email search on the person you are talking with. From here, you’ll be shown data on them like any social media accounts associated with them, and you’ll be able to find out more about them as a person and check out who they are ensuring you’re making good friends.

Speak to a psychologist

Sometimes, you will need professional help, and there’s no shame in that. Find a psychologist in your area and speak to someone who is trained to help you. Don’t forget you can have as many as you want until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.


Run a bath, grab your favourite snack, watch some trashy TV or your favourite film, and treat yourself to a night of pure relaxation. Even if it’s just for one night, it’s so important that you give yourself a night off, where you can unwind, and forget about reality for a few hours; you might just feel like a new person afterwards. 


Learning new things helps us feel happy, and this is exactly what you need right now. Is there a hobby that you always wanted to do? Or a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Maybe a new language, an instrument, or learning to paint. Whatever it is, now is the time to set aside the time for you to finally do it.

Overcoming depression will take time, and the amount will vary from person to person, perhaps it’ll take you a few weeks, or maybe even months. There’s no overnight cure so don’t feel down on yourself if you feel like you’re not progressing quick enough, but our tips such as having a night off to relax or using Spokeo to find good people for you are a great start in your journey. 

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development.

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