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Beard for Movember: A Marvellous Seduction Asset

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The male hair is in the spotlight this November. While the Movember movement invites men to grow a moustache in order to raise public awareness and raise funds for research for prostate cancer and male diseases, the new trend No-Shave November supports Movember and encourages men to stop shaving at all.

But looks like a well-trimmed beard is in every man’s best interest. Yes, because it’s known for a fact that women love handsome bearded men. According to the responses of more than 6,000 women interviewed by Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating, many of them would be ready to cross the line of infidelity for a man with a sexy beard.

At first just seen as a mere fashion phenomenon, an ephemeral trend or an attribute reserved for hipsters, beards can be found everywhere over the past few years and now even the most sceptical are convinced. Brad Pitt, Georges Clooney, Ryan Gosling, so many stars have tried it and adopted it. Could it be a way of expressing masculinity? A shaving strike? Not at all. For these gentlemen, the beard is above all a very attractive means of seduction. And for good reason, a study by the University of Queensland has shown, women prefer bearded men.

Women fantasise a man with a beard

But singles are not the only ones to be tempted by a handsome man with beard: 76% of the married women questioned by Gleeden admit to having fantasies about bearded men. And of them, a majority of 61% admit to having already swapped the sweetness of their partner’s kisses for the spice of a well-groomed beard.

Beard boosts sex appeal

But how can we explain this irrepressible desire of married women for bearded men? For 41% of the female members Gleeden interviewed, a beard makes these gentlemen all the more attractive because it’s sexy and masculine. It was revealed that 29% of them find it original and charming, while for 17% a beard makes them feel protected. Finally, 11% of the women interviewed admit they like a beard just because it’s physically different from their partner.

With that, some guys will probably throw their razors in the bin.

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