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Beach Ready: Choose the Perfect White Co-Ord Sets for Your Next Vacation

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It’s the summer season, which means only one thing – it’s vacation time! But if you are someone who is always looking for the perfect vacation outfit for great pictures for the gram, then look no further, because we have an answer for you. White co-ord sets!

We already know co-ords sets have been in the conversion for quite some time and there is no way that trend is going to die down any time soon and for all the right reasons. Co-ords are not just conformable pieces of clothing but with the right fit, fabric, and accessories, you can style a co-ord set for work, a night out in the club, and even on your next vacation.

Speaking of vacations, whether you are planning a luxury beach resort trip or heading to an unexplored island, channelling your inner wanderlust, there is one versatile outfit that has to be in your suitcase, and that classic piece of clothing is white co-ord sets.

A white co-ord set is not as restrictive as it sounds, even within this category, you can get a variety of options to pick and choose from that will suit your body type, vacation destination, and purpose.

How to choose a white co-ord sets according to your body type

Although white is a great colour and looks amazing on every wearer, it can get a little tricky to choose a fit that highlights your body. Even though,  in a fashion-forward world, there’s no stopping when it comes to personal style. You can choose to wear whatever you want and still look beautiful. But when we are on vacation, we take a lot of pictures that are repurposed as social media profiles, framed on our walls, or even shared with our friends and family. For these pictures – that are going to be part of your treasured memorabilia – you may want to choose an outfit that is going to make you look your absolute best. So, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind whilst choosing a white co-ord sets.

  • Hourglass. If you have a broader upper body and a broad lower body with a cinched waist, you have an hourglass figure. Choose a fit-and-flare-esque co-ord, which means choosing a fitting or tight top and pairing it with a looser bottom. A looser bottom can either be a short or full pant that is tighter on the waist and gets broader as it flows. The key is to highlight your cinched waist, you can even choose a crop top that showcases your gorgeous midriff.
  • Apple. If you have a broader upper torso and a small to broad waist, you likely have an apple silhouette. For body types like these, opt for a frilly skirt or a wide-legged pant that removes shift from your upper body and gives you a balanced look. Keep your tops simple in design, pattern, and flair, and focus on bedazzling your lower body. For a more flattering look, choose a v-neck, a square neck, or a plunge neck, don’t opt for off-shoulders, cold-shoulders, round-necks, or boat-necks, they will make you look disproportionate. And don’t cover your arms.
  • Pear. A pear-shaped body is when you have a small upper torso and a wider hip. Do the exact opposite of an apple body here. Opt for straight pants or an A-line skirt that highlights your lower body and go for a loud top. You can choose turtle-necks, crew-necks, or round-necks. You can even play with the sleeves and look for tops with puffs, frills, embroidery, etc. This will eventually give you a balanced look, perfect for any vacation selfie.
  • Rectangle. A rectangle-shaped body is when you have an equal length shoulder, waist, and hips. Here you can either look for co-ord sets that appear cinched on your waist or even opt for a free-flowing co-ord. Such co-ords fit at the shoulders and fall effortlessly on the rest of the body. You can choose a high-waisted bottom with a short or crop to make your legs appear longer.

Types of white co-ord sets you can pick for a vacation

  1. Assorted Prints & Patterns: Ditch solids for assorted and colourful patterns on an elegant white base.
  2. Asymmetry, The New Symmetry: There are no rules to a vacation outfit, let every angle tell a different tale.
  3. Crochet Cottage Core: Perfect for a beach trip or a picnic by the lake, a crochet top and skirt will let you channel your inner bohemian chic girly.
  4. No Harm In Harem: Bring out the inner Geet in you with harem pants and a lacy top. You never know your next trip may take you to your Aditya. 

Parting thoughts

Make a smooth transition from sightseeing during the day to partying at night with the perfect all-day white co-ord set. A simple change of jewellery and make-up will give you the desired look with the goodness of comfort. Whether you have an hourglass figure or an apple-shaped body, a pear silhouette or a rectangle figure, there’s a white co-ord for all you beauties. Just look for the right shape, pattern, feel, and material to make your next vacation a banger.

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