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New Book Reveals the Inside Story of 50 Years of BBC Television Science – From Psychology to Astronomy


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Alec Nisbett was the quintessential and most prolific producer for the BBC science series Horizon. His new book, On the Horizon, unfolds as a series of scientific adventures, featuring intrepid travel to all corners of the globe in search of stories on astronomy, medicine, psychology, particle physics, the climate, engineering and almost every other field imaginable. Interspersed with these topics are insights on creative film directing and the practicalities of production, that will be helpful to anyone contemplating a career in film.

What makes Alec Nisbett’s account of an extraordinary career in documentary film-making so enjoyable, is his obvious fascination with the incredibly varied subject matter of his films.

His unequalled run of 42 ‘Horizon’ science documentaries contributed to a golden age of BBC documentary film-making and helped to define the genre. His devotion to the scientific method, combined with a respect for the intelligence of his audience that remains extremely rare in television, formed the basis of his highly influential and award-winning approach.

As a writer and director, he broke a great many stories that are still hot topics today and found innovative ways to bring them to life for the audience.

During Alec Nisbett’s career, the BBC led the world in television production, giving the most talented film-makers an unrivalled opportunity to explore their interests, and share them with a global audience. This fascinating and inspiring account shows just how exhilarating a journey that could be, for both filmmaker and viewer.

On the Horizon will be available from all good bookshops and online outlets from 13th February. Paperback £14.99 and Ebook £4.99.       

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