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Banning Vapes: Brits Hope to Try New Flavours Despite Health Claims

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According to reports, upwards of three million people currently vape in the UK, and while vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking, there are still some dangers.

Thousands of people will search for another way to uphold their smoking habit after it is announced that disposable vapes will soon be banned. While e-liquids contain thousands of toxic chemicals, reusable vape kits provide an alternative to smoking for those who do use them.

According to search trend data, searches for the term ‘vape ban’ have increased by 3,800% in the UK alone over the past week.

With this in mind, ICE Headshop was keen to learn more about the nation’s vaping habits, so it surveyed 2,000 UK adults about their current favourite vape flavours and quizzed them on the flavours they would like to see introduced.                

The UK’s favourite vape flavours

The nation has a sweet tooth regarding its flavour, with fruity choices comprising five of Brits’ top ten vaping flavours.

Claiming the top spot is strawberry, which ranks as the nation’s favourite vape flavour for 2023, with 13.10% of participants voting it their top choice.

Another fruity favourite is watermelon, the second most-loved flavour amongst Brits, with 10.95% of participants choosing this as their favourite. 

In third place was another fruit-flavoured fave, Berry, also voted as one of the best vape flavours amongst UK vapers, with 10.70% of participants enjoying this the most.

Making up the final two top five places were two more classic options, Peppermint (9.60%) and Menthol (9.35%).

The vape flavours Brits most want to try

Despite the festive season being a few months away, the Christmas Tree was voted the flavour Brits most want to try.

According to the study, this somewhat unusual choice boasted 12.05% of the votes, making it the most popular flavour among participants. 

Despite several fruity numbers topping the list of the most favoured vape flavours, according to Brits, the second spot on the list of flavours UK adults would most like to try was more on the savoury side.  

According to ICE Headshop, the classic lunchtime snack, salt and vinegar crisps, was voted by 11.75% of the participants. 

In joint third place, burger and fresh-cut grass are the flavours the UK would be eager to see introduced as potential vaping options, with 10% of people voting for them, respectively. 

Another fast-food-related choice claimed fourth place, with Pepperoni Pizza gaining 8.90% of the votes, whilst in fifth place is British delicacy, with 4.45% of survey participants voting for this as a flavour they would like to taste. 

Dan Currey, director of ICE Headshop, commented on the findings: “While the nation’s favourite vape flavours are perhaps not so surprising, it’s really interesting to learn about the more niche choices Brits would most like to see created.

“There are some weird and wonderful flavours that already exist out there, but the results in our study were more unusual! Christmas tree aside, which we’re intrigued to try for ourselves, it’s clear that the nation is big fans of food-related vaping liquids!”

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