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THE BALANCE Boosts Therapeutic Offering with Top Medical Expert and New Equipment

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The world’s most exclusive and luxurious rehab treatment clinic, THE BALANCE, has announced the appointment of renowned medical expert Dr Simon Feldhaus and a new mobile system to treat depression.

Dr Feldhaus heads the Paramed Centre for Holistic Medicine in Baar, Switzerland and is president of the Swiss Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention (SSAAMP). He is considered one of the leading experts in complementary and micronutrient medicine and specialises in regulatory, orthomolecular, and mitochondrial medicine, phytotherapy, complementary oncology, integrative sports care, and health prevention.

Managing director of THE BALANCE, Abdullah Boulad, said: ‘I am delighted to add Dr Feldhaus to our team. He is an internationally renowned expert in the sequencing of patient data and will significantly strengthen our expertise in the holistic treatment of our patients. One of his key roles will be to analyse and produce accurate medical histories for our patients to allow us to develop specially-tailored programmes to treat all of their needs.’

THE BALANCE has also invested in a new mobile device for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). The technique is scientifically proven to treat depression and is a non-invasive and well-tolerated form of treatment.

Patients suffering from depression exhibit decreased neuron activity levels in the left hemisphere of the prefrontal cortex, which can be shown in imaging studies. This can be balanced with tDCS treatment. An improvement in cognitive performance is evident after just a few sessions, and an antidepressant effect can be experienced in just two to three weeks.

Boulad commented: ‘We are not just a place to relax for the super-rich, but a highly specialised therapy centre for people who are looking for sustainable treatment for their problems. As a holistic treatment centre, we focus on the individual and create a tailor-made rehabilitation approach for each person, including alternative and traditional methods. This is how we help our customers to become the best version of themselves.’

THE BALANCE in Mallorca, with its 240,000 square meters of secluded private property, combines the comfort of a luxury private villa with the high-quality medical treatment offered by a Swiss rehab clinic. Customers come from all over the world to be treated discreetly for alcohol and drug withdrawal, gambling or sex addiction, burnout, depression, eating disorders and other psychosomatic illnesses.

It uses innovative procedures that have been proven successful in treating patients with mental health problems and have achieved good results in practice. One example is the neuroConn THERA PRAX system, primarily used in the therapy centre to treat people with cognitive impairments. Neurofeedback is a compelling long-term method for the treatment of disorders of self-regulation and impulse control. A client’s brain activity (EEG) is measured and converted into images via a computer during a session. This visual feedback can be used to make unconscious neurophysiological processes perceptible.

Patients are always looked after individually in a villa – with a personal case manager, their cook and therapy team available 24 hours a day. ‘This not only ensures their privacy and the space for them to concentrate on their recovery, but it also allows us to focus on them exclusively and take care of their unique needs,’ says Boulad.

The goal of the treatment, which usually lasts around one month, is a permanent behavioural change that prevents the patient from relapsing into destructive old patterns and addictive situations. Patients are also carefully reintegrated into their family and personal environment after inpatient therapy.

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